Android Auto

Android Auto is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the Google Assistant. With a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, Android Auto is designed to make it easier to use apps that you love from your phone while you’re on the road. And the current 2019 upgrade has made it much better than before.

Just say “Ok Google” to…
• Route to your next destination using Google Maps or Waze with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts.
• Get updates on your route, ETA, and hazards in real-time.
• Have the Google Assistant check your calendar for you so you know where you need to be.
• Set reminders, get updates on the news, and check last night’s score.
• Avoid distractions while driving by setting a custom do not disturb message while driving.
• Make calls using Google Assistant and answer incoming calls with just a tap.
• Access your contacts folder and send and receive messages with the Google Assistant using SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Google Allo, and many more messaging apps.
• Manage your infotainment system like never before. Listen to your favorite media apps

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Google Maps

Google Maps has a new safety feature, introduced exclusively for Indian users at the moment. When you set your navigation to a particular destination, before you tap on Start, there is an option at the bottom – Stay Safer. If you tap on this option, you further get 2 options – (a) You can share your live trip with family / friends by selecting the persons with whom you wish to share your trip and (b) You can get an alert if your taxi or ride goes off route for more than 500 m.  You can choose to override the alert or quickly call someone for help.

This is a pretty useful feature for those who are new to a particular area or even for those who know the route but get confused, sometimes.

Play safe – alert your family and friends of the ride you take!

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Google Maps – Estimated Departure & Arrival Times

The most popular app for Maps – Google Maps – now has estimated departure and arrival times built-in. What it means is that if you are planning to leave by car, tomorrow at 11 am to go to a certain destination, you will get an estimate of your arrival time, today. Conversely, if you have to reach a certain destination at 3 pm for a meeting next Thursday, you can get a prediction of when to leave, based on the traffic conditions normally found on that day and time. Of course, it will not be able to predict any major incidents / blockages that may actually occur on that day.

Once you select the departure and destination locations, the Set depart and arrive time option is available under the ‘Menu’ icon (three dots) at the top-right corner of the Google Maps app.

Now plan your trips sensibly and always arrive in style, on time!

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Save your parking location on Google Maps

Google Maps lets its users to save a spot as a parking location.

For this, you just have to tap on the the blue dot (which shows your current location) and then tap “Save your parking” (for Android) and “Set as parking location” (for iOS).

You can also add additional details about your parking spot such as the level (if in a multi-level parking structure). Further, you can also share your parking location with friends.

Pretty kewl, eh?

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SAFAR – Air Quality Report

The SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research) is a project of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India having distinction to develop India’s first ever Air Quality Forecasting system for Metro cities. It is available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. With a tap on the screen, the app will read out the Air Quality report in the language of your choice!

The app not only gives you the current Air Quality at your location, but also gives you the forecast for the next day.

Currently, the service is available only for Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad only. More cities will be added when funds are available to the project. Till then, let’s watch our air going from bad to worse?



Neighbourly – Local Questions and Answers

Which is the safest park for kids in this area? Any affordable maths private tuition around here? Know a good electrician / plumber nearby? Any good ayurvedic chemist nearby?

Local questions like these, keep coming up all the time. And it is best to ask them to local residents. Neighbourly allows you to do just that. It connects you to your community so you can get answers you trust, share your own advice, and stay in-the-know together. Neighbours have the most up-to-date, relevant, and credible insight about what’s happening nearby. With Neighbourly, ask your entire community all at once in a simple Q&A format. You can find expert local answers / events,  share everyday advice, keep up with your local community and connect with your neighbours safely.

Currently launched in a beta version only in Mumbai and will soon be spread across the world!

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GPS Tools

Have you ever got stuck on road without accurate GPS location? Have you ever needed all GPS based tools in one app? Get GPS Tools, all in one app which includes location tagging, phone tracker, speedometer, compass directions, gps alarm, elevation and more.

It is one of the best ever battery optimised GPS apps and very easy to use. You can get the exact location always even in low signal areas and make your friends know where you are. Don’t ever lose your phone with the in-built phone tracker and never miss a bus or train stop again with GPS alarm during transit.

Set your speed limit, find  your altitude and also measure the area of your plot with the area finder. And do much more.

Overall a simple and useful all-in-one tool which uses GPS effectively and efficiently.

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Life360 – Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Life360 simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most.  Just download the app, give it appropriate permissions and you are set to go. Create your own groups, called “Circles,” of loved ones, friends, teammates — whoever matters most and chat with them in Family Locator for FREE. You can also view the real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map that’s only visible on Family Locator.

You can receive real-time alerts when Circle Members arrive at or leave destinations and even track stolen phones or lost phones

The paid plans allow you to create histories and monitor driver behaviour and in the unfortunate case of an accident, help you track the location!

Life360 is great to keep track of your loved ones. Keep track of where your kids and family members are/aren’t!

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Share your current location – Google Maps

Very often, we need to share our current location with a friend  or relative. Either it is to direct them to where you are, or in some cases, even in an emergency.

Google Maps now has an option to share your current location with anyone immediately. Just open the Google Maps app and go to the hamburger menu on the left top. You will find the Share Location option. Tap on that and then you will be shown all options to share your current location. You may share by SMS, GMail, Whatsapp or any other option that you have on your device.

When sharing, you can set the time for sharing too – 1 hour, 2 hours or even permanently, till such time you shut it off – the last option would be very useful for kids to show their parents where they are, or for people visiting unknown places and want their friends or kin to know where exactly they are.

Very useful to convey your location in good times and bad times!


Share your location through WhatsApp

whatsappMany times, we need to send our current location to our friends / relatives. Doing so from other apps is not so convenient.

WhatsApp allows us to send our current location directly to the receiver in 3 easy steps – 1. Select the person or group to whom you wish to send your current location; 2. Select Attachment (the paper-clip shaped icon) on the top right of your screen 3. From the list of options shown, select Location, and send – that’s it. Your location will be immediately visible to the receiver(s) on their own phones on Google Maps.

This simple trick will save you lots of time and help you communicate your location speedily and efficiently!