Ada – Your Health Guide

This is a wonderful Health App. You just tell Ada what is wrong with you – it then asks you simple personalized questions for further diagnosis, just like your doctor would. It then understands what could be wrong and you get instant diagnosis on what could probably be wrong with you.

Ada is 100% private – it has your first name only and your data is always safe. You can even share health data and activity with your doctor. And it is personalized – unlike a generic web search, Ada gets to know you and gives health information specific to you.

A great way to help self-diagnostics for minor ailments – use with care though – if your condition persists, your doctor is the best judge!

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Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming With GPS

Strava is one of the best GPS based fitness tracking systems in the world.

Whether you are training for a triathlon or simply love taking your bike out for a ride, Strava turns your smartphone into a sophisticated cycle or running tracker. You can see your key stats at a glance, challenge yourself or compete with others or even join brands, teams and friends.

You can record an activity on your Strava feed, where friends and followers can give kudos, comments and share their own performances. Also, you can show off your cycle route or group and share photos of your bike adventures.

The Premium version allows you to set your fitness goals and get customizable training plans, get live features to help you train safer and perform better and dive deep into your data with advanced analysis and extensive performance metrics

Join millions of active people and reach your fitness goals – download Strava and get ready for a fitter tomorrow!

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MBlood – Find a Donor

MBlood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Now, donating blood and platelets is easier than ever.

MBlood helps users to send a request for the required blood group at any time for any location where blood is required. The user can also mention specific timing when the hospital can accept blood. On sending a request, all users registered with Blood Mblood based on the location receive a notification of the requirement of blood. Any user interested in donating will post a reply via this mobile app.

Thus, there is an instant connection between the donors and the patient who are in need of blood. MBlood is an attempt to bridge the gap between Donor and Recipient. Further, this mobile app gives the user options to contact with the interested donors using his/her contact number and email. Apart from creating awareness on Blood donation, there are handy tips on Blood Donation.

Install MBlood and save a life today!

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Practo is the world’s leading healthcare app.  It connects you with everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones — find great doctors and book instant appointments, chat with them online, order medicines, book lab tests, get personalised health tips and store all your health records digitally so they are always with you.

Practo is one of the best ways to book doctor appointments and lab tests online. You can even consult with your doctor online and order medicines at a discount, instantly. For chronic ailments, you can subscribe periodically for your medicines and you will never run out of meds again. You can even upload your medical records online and have them readily available anywhere in the world.

Learn new ways to be healthier, search for thousands of free answers on health and use it innovatively for all your needs.

Doctors can subscribe to the Pro version and make themselves available to their patients online and make their practice modern, professional and powerful.

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Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

Our eyes often feel tired when we are accessing and reading our phone at night – especially when the lights are off – and more so, when we wake up suddenly and want to read that juicy Whatsapp joke!

Blue Light Filter comes to our rescue at such times. It is a proven fact that Blue Light  emanating from our phone, can cause harm to our eyes. Shifting your screen to night mode can relieve your eye-strain, and your eyes will feel at ease during night reading. Also blue light filter will protect your eyes and help you sleep easily.

You have options to adjust the intensity of the blue light as per your convenience. A simple slider does the trick. Also, you can automate the process and set the blue light filter to switch on and off automatically, say between 10 pm and 7 am. The free version carries ads which can be easily removed by moving up to the paid version

A must have app for those who cannot let go of their phones, even at night!

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Healthify Me is a Weight Loss Coach which helps you to get back to a healthy life and lifestyle.

Awarded among the Best Apps on Google Play for 2 years in a row, HealthifyMe gives you access to India’s Largest Calorie Counter with a large database of over 100,000 Indian foods to help you track your meals along with your nutrition intake on a daily basis. The app also equips you with your very own fitness, nutrition and yoga coaches who will give you a personalized workout and diet plan to suit your fitness needs.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or to stay fit, HealthifyMe is your complete fitness app. 60% of HealthifyMe’s premium users are experiencing visible changes, and lose up to 2 kg in the first month, courtesy continuous monitoring coupled with personal coaching from India’s top nutritionists and fitness trainers.

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Medisafe is a Medicines & Pill Reminder – If you are on medication, and have to juggle and take several medicines daily, this app is for you. If you do not take your medicines in the right dose and the right time, you could be playing a risky game. Protect yourselves and your loved ones by taking your medicines regularly by using this app.

Millions use Medisafe to stay safe with their medicines and keep track of blood pressure, glucose and other measurements. With Medisafe you can easily share results with doctors to track better outcomes, faster.

You also have the option to read about the side-effects, contra-indications, etc. for the drugs you take, in clear intelligible language.

Medisafe is a MUST HAVE APP for anyone who takes medicines, temporarily or permanently.

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