Meeting Planner by TimeandDate

Planning meetings across continents is always a challenge. Co-ordinating time zones across the world, adjusting for daylight saving time and identifying work / leisure hours can be very confusing. is a website which helps you do just that, along with a plethora of other useful functions relating to Time and Date.

The Meeting Planner app by calculates the most convenient meeting time and visualizes normal business hours, non-working hours, and nighttime in a simple traffic light scheme: green, yellow & red. The app takes all Daylight Saving Time clock changes worldwide into account.

Look for the green time slots to plan a business meeting, yellow times for private calls or meetings outside of normal business hours, and avoid the red hours if you don’t want to wake someone up.

Plan your meetings easily now – get the app today!

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Tetris Classic 1984

If you wish to be transported back to your childhood, be sure that Tetris Classic 1984 will take you there. There are many versions of this original game, with bells and whistles and extra color and controls, but the Classic Version is THE original!

No annoying currencies, no boosts, no special moves – just the occasional video ad when you pause the game. Besides this version can be played offline without a regular Internet Connection.

So if you are feeling nostalgic, get back to the black & white era, this is the Tetris game for you!


Easy Pedometer

If you have resolved to walk and need some encouraging nudges, Easy Pedometer would do the trick. It tracks your steps with a lot of fun included!

You can set goals, reach them and also share your achievements with your friends on Facebook. There could be healthy competitions with your friends, which would literally keep you on your toes!

And, if you input your height and weight, it calculates your BMI and gives you information on the steps walked, calories burnt, and much more.

Start your fitness regime today!



pCloud is a Switzerland based cloud storage company which helps you save your local hard disk space. It offers multi-platform cloud storage that any user can use efficiently. The best part about this solution is that after you copy the files to the pCloud, you can delete it from your hard disk and then seamlessly keep using the files on your computer. This is especially useful for devices which have low memory like ultra-light laptops and mobile phones.

pCloud allows you to upload any type of file, without any size restrictions. If you need to encrypt your private files, you have that option too. The basic version comes free and for larger space and encryption, you need to pay.



DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The Internet is a creepy place, and getting the privacy you deserve online should be as simple as closing the blinds. 

This Browser app provides the privacy essentials you need to seamlessly take control of your personal information as you search and browse the web, no matter where the Internet takes you. You can escape Advertising Tracker Networks, Increase Encryption Protection and also Search Privately.

Too many people believe you simply can’t expect privacy on the Internet. This Browser has made it a mission to set a new standard of trust online. Install DuckDuckGo and take back your privacy!

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Moneylife – News & Views

Moneylife News & Views is a newsmagazine which is focused on personal finance like borrowings, mutual funds, real estate, stocks, loan, insurance, or taxes. It has a very high reputation for its innovative content and pro-reader stance. It delivers a stellar mix of unique content, sharp analysis and a lucid writing style.

Most of the articles are based on hard facts, insightful opinions, unbiased options and useful tips from the world of money.

Since 2006, Moneylife has published some of most deeply-researched articles on gold, mutual funds, fixed income, stocks, insurance, collecting, best ways to save for your children, wills & nomination and even harmful drugs.

Install Moneylife for the best data for protecting and growing your Money!

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Air Sewa – for flight schedules and complaints

Air Sewa – for flight schedules and complaints for airport operation in India.

You can check Flight Status of all current inbound and outbound flights at any airport. You can even check the time table for all inbound and outbound flights operating for a specific route. Airport Information and Services for select airports are also available on the app.

Help and FAQs includes answers for common queries like cancellation charges, baggage allowances, etc.

It looks like work in progress and new features are being added at regular intervals.

Get more out of your flying experience, install Air Sewa today!

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