wromholeWormhole is your bridge between desktop and mobile. You can Browse & Control your phone on PC, Screen Fusion for iOS & Android. You can do file transfers, use the computer keyboard for your phone and share your clipboard between your phone and your computer. For gaming, you can even map your keys on your device for Android.

You may connect multiple phones simultaneously – iOS and Android – on your Windows PC! For Android phones, you need the Wormhole Android App to be downloaded and installed. For iOS, you do not even need to do that!

For iOS to PC compatibility, user PC should be Windows 10 (1803 or later) and Bluetooth Peripheral Mode should be available. Most laptops comply with these requirements, while in some desktops this mode may not be available.

A very useful way to connect your PC to your iOS or Android device.



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One thought on “Wormhole”

  1. Hi Yazdi,

    Is this app safe to use? It’s a Beijing developer.Have you used it? Anyone else that you know has used it?

    Best Regards, Udayan Maroo FCA,FCS ________________________________


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