Bluetooth audio device widget


This is one of the Best Widgets for easy connecting to your Bluetooth audio devices. If you want to listen to music, you have to go to settings, wireless, Bluetooth and connect Bluetooth audio device (speaker, headphones, sound box, car audio…)? It’s complicated and annoying. This widget is a better solution.

One click on widget to connect your Bluetooth audio device and play Spotify without going into the settings menu. The Bluetooth icon on the widget signifies the state of the connection- blue icon indicates connected, grey icon shows change of state (connecting/disconnecting). You can see connected Bluetooth profiles on the widget and if the device supports it, you can also view the battery level.

The app also supports reading battery level from Apple Airpods. In the App you can see battery level of each Airpod and case. You can also save the volume levels of different Bluetooth devices. After connecting, the App restores the saved volume level.

A very useful app if you use Bluetooth to connect to your audio devices often and juggle across your devices.


ClipDrop AR


Clipdrop is the coolest way to take photos of objects around you and drop them to any other app on your phone. You can take a pic of anything and use it for your next presentation, a social post or even as an attachment to your email.

The app is wonderful for its simplicity. Just download and install it and point and shoot any object of your choice. You get a picture with a transparent or opaque background. Then a quick edit for the background and orientation and export it to the app of your choice – it could be Whatsapp, Evernote, Gmail or any other app. That’s it! If you are doing photo shoot for products, you do not need a photo studio any more. Just point and shoot. You can even take clips off your Windows or Mac desktops and drop them in any app of your choice. The current version allows you to import editable masks with the Plugin for Adobe Photoshp.

The app is free for the first 10 clips and there is a subscription model which can carry you through for your professional work. Available for Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS

An innovative and practical use of AR with astounding results.   Android:  iOS:

Colorize Images


We all have a repository of old black and white photos. When trying to digitize them, it may be worth incorporating some color into the pictures. Colorize Images is an automatic Machine Learning based service to colorize black and white, grayscale or nightvision photos.

The black & white photos for the colorization can be selected from the gallery, or they can be shared from other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Chrome or Google Photos. The colorized result images can be shared to the other applications, or saved into the gallery.

The service uses GPU servers to provide the colorization functionality. This means that the source images are sent to a remote location over the network, colorized there and the colorized images are then received back to the device.

You get to try out the app for free for upto 10 images and if you wish to use it for unlimited images, you need to go for a paid version.

An interesting AI tool to put some colour into your images!

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Wizdom: Self Growth Challenge & Book Insights


Wizdom brings you Insights from the World’s Best Books, Courses, Podcasts, Articles, Publications and more!

Listen to insights in the first-of-its-kind Audio Immersive Experience ! They have music and sound effects to create Immersive Audio Insights, which makes learning more engaging than ever before!

Wizdom also contains Ideagram. Ideagram is the world’s first-of-its-kind social media feed that makes you smarter every day and helps you grow. The best insights in a simple social media feed!

Nonfiction bestsellers are summarized in 15-minutes with immersive audio versions of summaries. The books are in categories like Productivity, Happiness, Sex and Relationships, Business and Entrepreneurship, History/Politics and more.

It has key concepts from courses from Stanford, Wharton and also key insights from World-class podcasts.


Iriun Webcam


These days with increasing use of webmeetings, the web-cam becomes a very important accessory for day-to-day use. Most in-built webcams on laptops do not have a very good resolution, necessitating deployment of an external webcam through the USB port. However, you may have observed that the camera on your phone is far superior.

The Iriun app on the Play Store and App Store, allows you to use your superior mobile phone camera on your PC or Mac, wirelessly. The setup is as simple as it could be. Just install the app on your phone and on your PC or Mac on the same wireless network. Run Iriun on your phone. Then start your webmeeting software (Zoom / Teams / Skype) and select Iriun webcam as your camera. And, magically, your phone camera is enabled and available online! Excellent quality and basic options to use it in portrait or landscape mode and also the choice to use the front or back camera are available. With a powerful, speedy wi-fi connection, it can broadcast in 4k mode also!

A very useful accessory for your online toolkit!

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Win-X Launcher

Win-X Launcher

This Android launcher aims to bring the Windows style desktop experience to Android. The look and feel is quite like the familiar Windows interface.

You can start with a blank desktop and can add widgets and shortcuts just as you add them on your Windows Desktop. The Start Menu at the bottom left looks just like it does on your Windows Desktop. This is where you will find your app drawer along with more shortcuts.

It is fun to have the Windows-like experience on your Android phone. The app works well and is free to use with no in-app purchases. No annoying ads as the developer aspires to liberate the Android eco-system from ad-infested, mediocre apps.


Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

No matter what type of yoga you practice, you can find something suitable on DailyYoga. You can customize duration, level, goal and yoga style.

This App provides various guided classes to help you learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes and flows, and if you’re advanced—Daily Yoga is also a professional Yoga App for you, there are plenty of the world – class teachers you want to follow with.

The App offers 500+ asanas, 1000+ guided yoga, pilates, meditation plans plus the largest yoga pose library for men and women that suit yogis target such as flexibility, weight loss, stretching and so on. Not only helps you stay with yoga every day, but also provides health benefits for both your mind and body.

If there is one Yoga app you need to install on your phone, DailyYoga is the one for you!

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Check your privacy settings

There are many sensors in your phone and your Microphone and Camera are important to protect your privacy. When we install Apps, they ask for a variety of permissions some of which may not really be needed for efficient performance of the app. You don’t want apps to use your camera and microphone when no such usage is warranted. It is therefore important to routinely check on app permissions.

To check which of your apps are using your camera and microphone, open the Settings menu on your Android phone. In settings, search for Privacy or App Permissions. Once you are here, you can look up which of your apps are using your Camera and which your Microphone. Each one will display the apps in four parts – Allowed all the time, Only while in use, Ask Everytime and Disabled. You may choose any option as per your and your app’s needs. If you have any doubt about any app using your Camera or Microphone unauthorisedly, you may choose to disable the permission and if the app will not work if the permission is not granted, just uninstall the app immediately. This will improve and set your privacy settings as per your needs.

Saved Messages / Reminders in Telegram

Saved Messages

With so many rumours and messages on privacy issues of Whatsapp, many are shifting to Telegram and Signal. Apart from several other additional features on Telegram, one interesting feature is of Saved Messages and setting Reminders.

To save a message, just select that message and tap on Forward. When you are asked where to forward the message to, select Saved Messages. This message will now be available in your Saved Messages and you can refer to it any time in the future. All saved messages can be seen / accessed from any of your other devices, including your desktop computer. Saved messages can also include files received or sent in Telegram. Thus you can securely save messages / files onto the Telegram Cloud.

To set a reminder, just tap on the Menu and select Saved Messages. Then type out whatever your reminder message is. Instead of hitting Send, long-press the Send Button, and you will get an option to “Set a Reminder”. Select the date and time and the reminder is set for you!

Kaagaz – CamScanner


Kaagaz is an Indian version of CamScanner. It is free to use and completely offline, which makes scanning documents easy while ensuring complete security of your data. Kaagaz is a perfect app to work as a camera scanner, document scanner or for multi page PDF scanning. Kaagaz is completely made in India by graduates of IITs.

You can easily scan assignments, notes, invoices, books or any text. Night scanning is possible with your camera flashlight. Autocropping with brightness and contrast options enhances the quality of your scanning. The scanned document can be saved in PDF or JPG formats directly onto your local storage or even on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. For privacy, you could include a custom watermark on all your documents. An in-built applock allows you to securely store all your documents.

Sharing documents is easy – you may email, Whatsapp or Telegram any of your docs.

An interesting app whose user base is growing exponentially.

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