Voice Access by Google

Voice Access is an accessibility service that lets you control your device with spoken commands. It can be useful for people who have difficulty using a touchscreen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury, or other reasons.

Voice Access provides voice commands (currently English only) in three categories:

  • Basics and navigation from any screen (e.g. “Go back”, “Go home”)
  • Gestures to interact with elements on the current screen (e.g. “Click next”, “Scroll down”)
  • Text editing and dictation (e.g. “Type hello”, “Replace coffee with tea”)

If you have difficulty in using the touch pad, or you want a totally touch free experience, just for fun – Voice Access is for you!

Android: http://bit.ly/2GbultH


Import Data from a printed document directly into Microsoft Excel

Very often we come across a table, in print, which we may wish to import into Excel. And, of course, it is painful to sit and enter the entire data into Excel. Now, your Microsoft Excel App for Android, allows you to do just that. Along with numbers, you can convert lists and recipes. And the entire process is very simple.

Just fire the App on your Android phone and open a New Sheet (Blank Workbook). At the bottom of the screen, tap the Data from Picture button (it’s the 3×3 grid with a camera). If this is your first time using the tool, tap Allow to give Microsoft permission to convert the image to data using Microsoft’s online service. Then tap the red check button to convert the data. In a preview of the captured data, tap a red-highlighted cell and then tap Edit to enter missing information. Tap Done after each change. You can also tap unhighlighted cells to make corrections or changes. Once you are done, tap Insert at the top to place the data in your workbook.

This is a very cool feature on the Android App and is likely to appear on Excel for iOS very soon.

Trello – your organizer

Whether you’re working with a team or trying to keep your own independent projects in order, Trello provides an intuitive yet feature-packed system for organizing ideas and tracking progress.

Whether it’s managing a team, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a grocery list, Trello is your valuable sidekick. It breaks your business down to a series of boards. Within each board, you can create multiple lists. And inside each list, you can add any number of cards — individual items that contain text, photos, files, and so on. You can label and color-code cards and assign due dates, and you (and anyone else you invite) can comment on cards to add in thoughts and updates.

A great collaboration tool. Start free and upgrade to a paid plan as per your needs.

Android: http://bit.ly/2KrUXoT     iOS: https://apple.co/2KpkA9S

Signal – Your secure, private messenger

Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media or attachments all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data. An ideal, private, secure replacement for WhatsApp

Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose.

It allows you to create encrypted groups so you can have private conversations with all your friends at once. Not only are the messages encrypted, but the Signal server never has access to any group metadata such as the membership list, group title, or group icon. And you can make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges. 

Android: http://bit.ly/2KpshNe    iOS: https://apple.co/2KpZM21

Simple GMail Notes

Many times, we would like to add a note onto each of our Mails, for future reference or action. This needs to be done without disturbing the original mail, but available every time you view that mail. Just like sticky notes for GMail!

Just install the extension Simple GMail Notes (available for both Chrome & Firefox). Once installed, you can write brief notes for each of your mail threads on GMail. This extension is 100% free and open source. Your notes are stored on your own Google Drive. You can write any text in your notes, give them different colours and even add your notes to your Calendar.

This simple utility gives you immense power to put Sticky Notes or Post-Its to each of your email threads – get more productive! 

Du Recorder

DU Recorder is a free, stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos. With a variety of features such as screen capture, video recorder and video editor, it provides an easy way to record screen videos, like game videos, video calls, live shows, and more – making everything simple!

The recorder is ideal for training, demos, step-by-step guides, etc. The video editor allows  you to trim and merge videos, add subtitles, backgrounds and much more.

In the screen broadcast mode, you can live stream to Youtube, Facebook and Twitch. You can live stream your game-play to demonstrate your skills to the world at large. In addition to videos, you can also take and edit screenshots easily on your phone. The screenshots can be easily edited just like the videos

Put your creativity to work now! Enjoy your phone to the fullest!!

Android :  http://bit.ly/2F6qb63               iOS: https://apple.co/2Fae9Zk

Otter – Voice Notes

Otter is a smart note-taking app that empowers you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations (for English only).

It creates smart voice notes that combine audio, transcription, speaker identification, inline photos, and key phrases. It helps business people, journalists, and students to be more focused, collaborative, and efficient in meetings, interviews, lectures, and wherever important conversations happen.

The free version gives you 600 minutes of transcription per month with unlimited cloud storage of all your conversations. You can record audio via internal mic or Bluetooth device, or import existing recordings. You can even take photos (e.g. of a whiteboard, a slide, a presenter) while you record to add visual context to your conversations inline.

A must have app for recording Voice Notes

Android: http://bit.ly/2zDHcjh    iOS: https://apple.co/2zEGLVN