SMS Organizer from Microsoft

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft App, automatically organises your SMS inbox into Personal, Transactional and Promotional category to help you declutter your SMS Inbox so that you never miss an important message. Switch to SMS organizer from your default SMS App to have the smartest SMS inbox experience ever.

You can quickly read your unread SMS only without looking at the read ones. Besides, SMS organiser will send you automatic reminders of upcoming trains, flights, buses, movies and even bill payments in time. You can also create a custom reminder to help you remember important events.

The App has a smart backup built-in; so, the next time you format your phone or switch to a new device don’t worry about losing all your important SMS. SMS organiser will restore all your old SMS in your new device.

This app does not need an Internet connection. All messages and reminder remain with you all the time through limited internet connectivity or signal coverage.

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Very often, we need to type similar stuff on our phone repeatedly – e.g.  our office address, or email id, etc. It could get pretty boring and sometimes frustrating when you are in a hurry.

Texpand allows you to create abbreviations for any repetitive stuff that you may have to type. Once you create an abbreviation and define what text it will signify, you can just type in the abbreviation and the full text will be automatically inserted. It will work on SMS, Whatsapp or any other area where you use the keyboard. By systematically specifying abbreviations to frequently used phrases Texpand can help you save thousands of keystrokes and several hours per week.

The free version allows you to create upto 10 abbreviations which is more than sufficient for most users. Install Texpand today and you will wonder how you managed to do without it for so long!

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Remindee – Create reminders from any app!

Remindee is the minimal, content-focused reminder app you can use to create reminders from anywhere!

Just hit the share button in any app for the content you want to create a reminder about, tap “Remind Me”, set the date & time you want to be reminded at – done! You don’t even have to leave the app you’re in! You can even create a reminder just by copying some text! Useful when you want to create a reminder based on a message you’ve just received.. It’s really that simple 🙂

Use it to remind yourself to reply to that Tweet or Facebook post, to read that webpage article later, to book those tickets when they’re released, to call or email that person.. the options are literally endless!

Android :

Files Go by Google

Files Go (Beta) helps clean up space on your phone and keeps it organized.

It helps you clean up your photos, videos, WhatsApp media, downloads etc., very efficiently. Files Go also recognizes and helps you get rid of spam & duplicate images. It can search your important photos, videos and documents superfast – since it is a Google App.

Files Go is very light, and helps in sharing your files offline (both users should have the app installed) and you do not use data connection for the transfer.

Besides, it recommends rarely-used apps to remove so your phone stays clean and speedy

A very useful utility to keep your phone in good shape and light-hearted!

Android :

Simple for Facebook

We all know that the Facebook app is very heavy and slow on our mobiles. Besides, you need to have 2 separate apps – one for Facebook and another one for Facebook Messenger. Which is quite inconvenient and hogs lots of space on your phone. This is where Simple for Facebook comes in.

Simple for Facebook is simply a wrapper for Facebook mobile. It is the all-in-one app to access both your Facebook and your Facebook Messenger Account. A one-time login to your main Facebook account is all it takes. And it loads quickly and works smoothly.

Simple includes several colorful themes, has the ability to block sponsored posts and more. Simple is undoubtedly the fastest, smoothest wrapper for Facebook on the Play Store.

Make your life Simple – install it today and get moving faster!

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Memo Mailer

Many a times we need to remember stuff on the go. It’s a pain to start an app and type out a note or a reminder. Someone just wants to give you their telephone number and you need to record it immediately somewhere. Memo Mailer is the ultimate app which will sky-rocket your productivity instantly.

Just download the app and enter your email id. Then, when you want to take a memo, you just press and hold the record button, record your voice message, and leave it when finished. The app will automatically send the voice memo / file to your registered email id. That’s it! Very coool!!

What makes this digital audio recorder so unique is that as soon as you press the button to record your memo it is sent automatically to your Inbox. There is no need to type your email address every time you wish to send your audio voice memo. No need to go and find the sound file on your device – it just gets emailed straight to your Inbox. Now that is productive!  You can even send mails to your assistant in the paid version.

Now you will never forget anything that you need to catch, instantly!

Google :

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts

If you have multiple accounts in the same app and want to switch between them, you have to logout from one account and then login to another. Parallel space allows you to skip the pain.

As one of the top-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps users log on multiple accounts at the same time on one device.  It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on device with the Incognito Installation feature. You can even customize your each avatar by applying multiple themes.  You can run two accounts simultaneously and switch between them fast with one-tap to effective manage different accounts.

Parallel Space is based on multiDroid, the first application virtualization engine on Android and is fast, powerful, stable and easy to use. Try it today!

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