Whatsapp on your computer

Quite often, we have a situation where we would like to download / upload pics to /from our computer from Whatsapp. It could be a tedious and tricky process.

Whatsapp allows you to access all the pics and text directly on your computer. Just head to https://web.whatsapp.com/ on your computer. You will come across a 3D Barcode. Now go to Whatsapp on your phone, and select the menu (three dots) on the right top and select Whatsapp Web. Now point your phone camera to the 3D Barcode on your computer. Once the code is scanned, you can access Whatsapp directly on your computer. Henceforth, all that you have on Whatsapp is accessible on your computer directly and all that you have on your computer can be copy / pasted on your Whatsapp!

Happy interactions!


One thought on “Whatsapp on your computer”

  1. Hi Yazdi,

    I do have whattsapp on my laptop. However can I delete files etc while using the laptop and clear Internal Memory of the Phone where whattsapp is installed?
    If not, how to?

    Best Regards,
    Udayan Maroo


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