FreedomSocial media, shopping, videos, games…​these apps and websites are scientifically engineered to keep you hooked and coming back. The cost to your productivity, ability to focus, and general well-being can be staggering. Freedom gives you control.

Freedom is an app and website blocker for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Chrome, used by over 2 million people to reclaim focus and productivity.  Install Freedom on all your devices and it will automatically sync your preferences across devices. There is also a Chrome Extension which helps in blanking all your distractions!

You can use Freedom so you can get your work done. Just block what you want, when you want, and be more productive. With Freedom active, you can sit down to work completely in control of your distractions.

You can start sessions on the fly or schedule your Freedom time in advance. You can plan out sessions that recur daily or weekly.

Freedom users report gaining an average of 2.5 hours of productive time each day. No wonder Freedom is used by people at the world’s best companies and universities.

With Freedom, you can just make time for productivity and things that matter most to you. Try it out for free for the first 7 sessions before you decide to take the plunge!


Telegram – Chat Folders

Saved MessagesTelegram is gaining a lot of popularity these days, more so because it offers many more features than Whatsapp.

One of the interesting features of Telegram is that it allows you to create separate folders for various types of chat. Owing to the deluge in chats, this feature helps you segregate your chats and quickly find the ones you need. When you are subscribed to several public discussions and broadcasts, this could come in handy. You could have separate folders for home, work, social organizations, broadcasts, etc. You can then swipe between the tabs to quickly access any of your chats.

There is a “Folders” feature in the settings section, which lets you create tabs for Home, Work, or anything else. There you can Create Folder, and “Add Chats”. If your folder’s name is Home or Work or anything else, then you can add all your individual or group chats there. Once you are done with this, Telegram will show you the different tabs that you created. This way you can immediately find your loved ones as well as your favourite channels. You can also pin chats to find the important chats at the top of the screen.

A very efficient way to organize and quickly find your chats. Try it!


NumericalNumerical presents the universe in numbers. It aspires to bring in an entirely different way for the world to consume, engage and interact with information. It does so by blending the 2 most powerful technologies of our generation – Data and Social Media.

From Agriculture, Art and Business to Science, Technology and Travel, everything in Numerical is expressed as a Number. They call it the ‘Numeron’  – a Number, text to describe the number, and optionally images, audio or video to further enrich the number.

Their basic philosophy is that numbers matter and bring objectivity in explaining and understanding time, space, proportion, value and impact.

The other distinguishing feature is the ability to engage and interact with each Numeron, through hooks called Actions – such as sharing emailing and comparing them with each other.

Numerical does not contain ads – and is free for now.  Future releases of the platform will support subscription models though. They still have a long way to go, but in my opinion, they have made a good start.

So, if you wish to analyse, compare, understand, and digest information in Numeric form, Numerical may just be the right prescription for you!

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In the world of instant messaging, Whatsapp is the number one. However, with increasing discovery of security issues in Whatsapp, Telegram is fast catching up. Telegram is a Whatsapp alternative which is fast, simple, secure and available across devices. You can send media and files without any size limitation (Whatsapp has limitations) – your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.
In Whatsapp, if you create Groups, there is a limitation of 256 members. On Telegram, you can create Groups with 2,00,000 members! It also has powerful photo and video editing tools and an open sticker / GIF platform to cater to your creative genes. It is 100% free, without ads, and there is no third-party access to your data.
For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chat. Messages can be programmed to self-destruct after a pre-determined time frame after reading.
A growing, safe and secure platform for instant messaging. Try it out today!
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Bridgefy – Offline messaging

In these days of uncertain net connectivity (you never know when the Government will clamp down!) this app is a welcome addition to communicate with friends and family. This app allows you to communicate with others (who have the same app installed) even when there is no internet connection. It communicates via Bluetooth (both your Bluetooth should on) upto a distance of 100 is ideal for music festivals, sports stadiums, rural communities, natural disasters, travelling abroad, and much more.
You can use Bridgefy as one to one communication directly, if you are within 100 metres of each other. If not, you could still communicate, if there are other Bridgefy users in between. In such cases a mesh mode is automatically created and the message can move through the intermediate users to reach the final recipient. The intemediate users cannot read the message but are used as part of the mesh for communication.
In case of natural calamities, you can also use the broadcast mode – i.e. send the message to all within the range at the same time, even if they are not in your contacts list.
It is always wise to be prepared – what do you think?
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Fingerprint lock for Whatsapp

Who wants prying eyes to go through your Whatsapp messages, whether it is family or friends? In these times of protecting privacy, Whatsapp has introduced a built-in fingerprint lock on the app. Once enabled, Whatsapp can be started only when you scan your fingerprint – no passwords to remember!
Make sure you have the latest version of Whatsapp downloaded from the Play Store and you have a fingerprint scanner enabled on your phone. Just go to Whatsapp Menu, Settings, Account, Privacy and look for Fingerprint Lock at the bottom. Just enable the Fingerprint Lock and you are done!
Now, you have full security and the confidence that Whatsapp will be started only when you scan your fingerprint!


These days, with all the issues being raised on privacy with apps which are widely used (like WhatsApp), it may be worth looking at apps which are not so popular, but perform the same functions. Since such apps are not so widely used, they may not be a target for poachers. Rainbow is one such app.

It is a collaboration tool where you can chat, share files and use messaging for business and personal purposes. You can also instantly make audio or video calls and share your screen with just one click. In short, you lead your business with enterprise-grade control.

Besides, you don’t even have to share / disclose your telephone number to make calls.

It may be of great use in certain countries which ban WhatsApp calls!

An interesting alternative to WhatsApp – worth trying.

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LinkedIn – Slideshare

LinkedIn SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and professional content, with 60 million unique visitors a month and more than 15 million uploads. It is much more than just slides! Find infographics, videos, how-to guides, data & analytics reports, industry research, thought-leadership articles, Q&As, DIY instructions, visual guides and more. You can follow companies and organizations like Dell, Ogilvy, the White House, Netflix, NASA and more, who share their expertise on SlideShare

Students can use SlideShare for academic research, professionals can deepen their industry knowledge, and everyone can explore interesting topics to learn something new!

You can save your favourites to read later (even offline!) on your phone or Android tablet
And now you can even clip the best content on SlideShare and organize your research into Clipboards, all in one place.

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Whatsapp on your computer

Quite often, we have a situation where we would like to download / upload pics to /from our computer from Whatsapp. It could be a tedious and tricky process.

Whatsapp allows you to access all the pics and text directly on your computer. Just head to on your computer. You will come across a 3D Barcode. Now go to Whatsapp on your phone, and select the menu (three dots) on the right top and select Whatsapp Web. Now point your phone camera to the 3D Barcode on your computer. Once the code is scanned, you can access Whatsapp directly on your computer. Henceforth, all that you have on Whatsapp is accessible on your computer directly and all that you have on your computer can be copy / pasted on your Whatsapp!

Happy interactions!

Family GPS tracker Kid Control

Family GPS Tracker – Kid Control is a personal safety app that keeps track of where your loved ones are. You can set it up to receive automated alerts when your loved ones arrive home, school, or any places you set.  You can even set up Dangerous zones to receive alerts when your children enter them. In case of emergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert!

When the phone’s battery level falls below 15%, KidControl GPS tracker sends alerts about this phone, and you can remind your child to charge the phone.

While the free version allows only 2 locations to be set and gives a history of 2 days, the premium, paid version allows multiple locations and gives a history for upto 15 days. Besides, there are no ads in the premium version.

Could be used for any family member, giving peace of mind always!

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