In the world of instant messaging, Whatsapp is the number one. However, with increasing discovery of security issues in Whatsapp, Telegram is fast catching up. Telegram is a Whatsapp alternative which is fast, simple, secure and available across devices. You can send media and files without any size limitation (Whatsapp has limitations) – your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.
In Whatsapp, if you create Groups, there is a limitation of 256 members. On Telegram, you can create Groups with 2,00,000 members! It also has powerful photo and video editing tools and an open sticker / GIF platform to cater to your creative genes. It is 100% free, without ads, and there is no third-party access to your data.
For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chat. Messages can be programmed to self-destruct after a pre-determined time frame after reading.
A growing, safe and secure platform for instant messaging. Try it out today!
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