Speech Timer

Speech Timer

If you are a regular speaker and have difficulty in timing your speeches, this is the right app for you. It sports a color-coded countdown timer, which shows you how much time you have left to complete your speech.

There are several buttons for configuring standard predefined time settings for the green, yellow and red progress signals. You may touch a time setting display to adjust the time setting for a custom time value at any time before starting a speech.

Hitting “Start” will time the speech and progress through white, green, yellow and red progress signals, with an optional disqualification signal. Hitting “Stop” will stop the timer and display the speech time.

The first letter of the color is also displayed for color blind users. Sound and vibrate preferences are provided for blind speakers. A preference to control display of time during speech to better conform to Toastmaster International ™ practices. Two custom time buttons may be configured in preferences.

A very nifty tool for those who routinely overstep their defined time-limits!

Android: https://bit.ly/3jVHkje       iOS: https://apple.co/3jQyLWO  (Similar)

Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail

This is a Gmail extension which helps you hop-in to Zoom meetings very easily. Once installed, whenever you are reading or responding to a mail, you can click on the Zoom Camera Icon on the top bar. A window will pop-up with options to Start or Schedule a meeting instantly. The person with whom you are corresponding, will immediately be sent an invite with all the relevant information and the meeting will be added to your own Zoom meeting schedule.

The add-on also lets you view all meetings that you have scheduled, in the side panel. And, if you are using the Gmail mobile app on Android or iOS, the add-on will appear at the bottom of the screen and you can access all the functions of the add-on right from your phone.

A must have extension for all those who use Zoom frequently!



Miro is a very elegant tool for using digital whiteboards, even if you have never tried such an app before. You can use it on a desktop, a tablet or on your phone. Touchscreens give you the best experience while using Miro.

The main app has a variety of templates such as Kanban boards, flowcharts, mindmaps, etc. It is a great tool to use with teams to brainstorm online.

Collaboration is a key element of Miro. You and team members can chat and messages, add comments, leave sticky notes, and create a centralized note for meeting elements. You can also link and embed in other team apps like Slack. The premium version also includes video chat, voting, and screen sharing.

You may use Miro for Meetings & Workshops, Ideation and Brainstorming, Research & Design, Strategy & Planning and Mapping and Diagramming. Besides, it is multi-platform and works seamlessly for Windows, iOS, Android and macOS. With over 7 million users, it is a product you can use with trust and confidence – you may signup for free and then upgrade anytime, based on your needs.


Awesome Screenshot

Awesome ScreenshotAwesomeScreenshot is a very versatile Chrome Extension. Once installed in Chrome, you can take screenshots of whatever is on your screen – be it an image or a video. It makes screen sharing fast and easy.

You may record both screen and camera to explain anything clearly. Once recorded, you can instantly save your stuff on the Cloud Link or Google Drive or on your Local Disk. Once saved, you can instantly share the same with your friends, colleagues, or clients. You can even connect directly with your familiar tools such as Trello, Slack, Asana, Jira, etc.

The two-tab popup menu allows you to switch between screen recording and screen capture easily. Want to share your screen for cases like reporting technical issue, making product demo or how-to tutorials? Set the Record tab as the primary tab in Options and start recording whenever needed.

What more to say about this extension? It is just awesome!


Habit Tracker – HabitBull

Habit Tracker – HabitBullHabitBull is the most powerful multi-platform companion to keep track of your day to day habits and routines. It is fully cusomisable and you will be notified whenever you need to do something important. You can strive to cut off bad habits and also add some positive habits to your routine. Whether you want to read more, start working out, stop smoking or just track how many hours you spend on Facebook – HabitBull is for you!

You can track multiple habits and define multiple goals and track each one in its own calendar. You can even setup flexible goals such as number of times per week / month and you will get to see graphs with success percentage / streak / entered values, etc. You can be reminded multiple times per day by notifications or just vibrations, as per your settings. There is also integration with Google Fit.

Of course, the end result will be entirely up to you, but with a convenient helper, it can just get a bit easy.  Try it out today!

Android : https://bit.ly/3ejZgkc      iOS : https://apple.co/3disajh


Stretching Exercises at Home -Flexibility Training

Stretching Exercises at Home -Flexibility TrainingIf you  wish to reduce muscle tension and relieve pain and enhance your flexibility and range of motion, this app is for you. It is scientifically proved that regular stretching helps reduce muscle stiffness, release pain, improve flexibility and release stress.

Stretching exercises cover all muscle groups and are suitable for all people – men and women, young and old. You can create your own stretching routine by mixing and matching the exercises, as per your convenience. For exercises which you may have to do lying down or standing up, there is a voice coach that is inbuilt. And you do not need any equipment to work out.

The app is 100% free with no hidden locked features and all workouts are designed by professional fitness coaches. A real asset to keep yourself flexible and fit!

Android : https://bit.ly/3emp4MG    iOS: https://apple.co/2YhWDK9


Pexels.comPexels.com is the world’s first inclusive free stock photo & video library. You can use the photos and videos available, anywhere – in your brochures, handouts, documents, websites, presentations, blogs – just anywhere you wish to use them. All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use.

Attribution to the original photographer / videographer are not required, although such attributions would be appreciated for obvious reasons. You can modify the photos as you may like. Just be creative and create a work of art – there are no restrictions to the modifications either!

You may use the photos for commercial use too. What is not allowed is to publish pics of identifiable people in a bad light or in a way that is offensive. You may not sell unaltered copies of the pics or videos, without modifying them first.

A very useful site to embellish your creativity, one pic at a time!


Openshot Video Editor

Openshot Video EditorIf you need a basic Video Editor with all the bells and whistles of a powerful expensive one, look no further – OpenShot Video Editor will fit the bill more than adequately. Openshot is incredibly simple and powerful, with support for Linux, Mac and Windows.

You can quickly trim down your videos, with many easy ways to cut them. Using the powerful animation framework, you can fade, slide, bounce and animate anything in your video project. With unlimited tracks, you can insert watermarks, background videos, audio tracks and much more.

Using the video effects engine, you can remove the background from your video, invert the colours, adjust brightness and do much more.

Overall, Openshot Video editor is an easy to use, quick to learn and surprisingly powerful video editor. And since it is open source, it is free to use – no licensing process and no charges!


AnyBooks – Novels&stories, your mobile library

AnyBooksThis simple app allows you to start your own library to read offline. You can save your favourite titles and Genres – fantasy books, scifi, thriller novels, horror stories, mystery, romance, young adult fictions, webnovels, love story, self help, biography, academy, unacademy, history education books, and more! You will have personalized book recommendations based on your favorite genres.

You can select from multiple languages and sync your eBooks to read from anywhere. Customization includes selecting your fonts, size, bookmarks, highlights, background color and much more.

For a single one-time payment you are able to access a great library which keeps getting new books and expanding all the time.

Android: https://bit.ly/2X29n7b

Udemy – Online Courses

Udemy - Online CoursesUdemy online courses offer an online learning platform featuring 130,000+ video courses taught by expert instructors. You can take courses in anything from programming languages like Python, and Java to personal development classes like design, drawing, writing and yoga. New courses, on cutting-edge topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, are continuously refreshed. Join the more than 40 million students who are mastering new skills, advancing their careers, and exploring new hobbies on Udemy.

The courses are both free and paid, within your budget. Once you’ve enrolled in a course, you’ll have lifetime access to the content. You will be inspired by 50,000+ expert instructors teaching in 60+ different languages.

And, you can download courses to learn offline. If you are on the go, listen to courses in audio-only mode. You can learn at your own pace and ask both students and instructors questions. Personalize your learning experience with speed controls and closed captioning.

So, if you need to improve your skills on any topic – personality development, public speaking, photography or gardening, Udemy is for you.

Android: https://bit.ly/3grQ6Uu       iOS: https://apple.co/2TEmwRU