Remote Mouse

RemoteRemote Mouse helps you turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad.

Connection is achieved in 3 simple steps. Download the Remote Mouse App for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Then install Remote Mouse for your desktop on your Mac, Windows or Linux Computer. Lastly, connect your mobile device and computer to the same WiFi Network and you are good to go! Remote Mouse can also be used without a WiFi connection on Bluetooth.

Once connected, you may use your Mobile Phone or Tablet as a trackpad, simulating all the functions which are available for any tracking device. With smarter multi-touch gestures, all you need is to click and slide.

Whether you are watching videos in bed or making a self-running presentation, Remote Mouse allows you to control your computer freely from anywhere, any

time. If you enjoy voice typing, you may also dictate using your smartphone and it will use the iOS or Android’s speech recognition engine to deliver accurate results.

Some features are free and many others are available in the paid version. You have a 7-day trial with all the features of the paid version and you may keep it if you are satisfied.



TaskadeTaskade is where remote teams get work done. Organize tasks, write product specs, automate repetitive workflows, and video chat with your team, all in one unified workspace. Create a project to capture your ideas, team goals, and weekly tasks. To collaborate with your team, simply share your project, or invite team members into a workspace.
The free version of Taskade includes all the essential features unlocked for individuals and teams. You have the option to upgrade, which includes advanced features, unlimited file uploads, and more.
You can use Taskade for weekly agendas, team meetings, project outlines, product roadmaps, and much more. Their templates gallery will help you try out over 300 free templates.
Taskade is available on Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Windows, and Mac
Try it out today – it is the ultimate to-do list app


RiteTagIf you are a regular on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you should be using many tags to drive traffic to your site. The only problem is to identify which tags are popular and will be instantly trending. RiteTag gives you instant hashtag suggestions for images and texts on your desktop and mobile. Their suggestions engine works on AI in realtime, which will ensure maximum engagement for your posts.

All you have to do is to login to RiteTag with your Facebook or Instagram credentials and start typing your own hashtags – RiteTag will instantly suggest the most appropriate tag to get you the maximum hits on your post.

An extremely simple and easy to use tool to maximize the reach of your Social Media posts.


ScribeScribe is a very cool documentation and screenshots tool, delivered as a Chrome Extension. If you like to create visual documentation for yourself or your team, Scribe lets you do it simply by recording the step by step instructions online.

Once installed, all you have to do is to click “record” and go through the process you want to share – for yourself, your team, your customers, or your suppliers. Scribe monitors your clicks and keystrokes to instantly create your guide. You can answer questions, build SOPs and train your stakeholders really fast. You could create step-by-step guides, work instructions, product assembly / usage instructions, training manuals and much more.  You can easily embed the instructions in any knowledge base or CMS.

In short, Scribe is a fast, easy and efficient way to document and share a process to anyone, anywhere.


FakespotFakespot is an AI tool that helps you detect fake reviews and scams. It is a Chrome Extension which needs to be installed one-time. The extension is free to use.

Whenever you visit shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, etc., you come across the (star) ratings for each product. Many times the ratings may not be genuine and may be inspired by the seller or the manufacturer to promote the product concerned. Fakespot immediately analyses the ratings, identifies the fakes and comes up with its own genuine rating for each product. It goes a step further – it also analyses the thousands of reviews, drops the chaff from the grain and gives you a brief summary of the Pros and Cons based on AI.

In addition, it quickly shops around for you and will also suggest you the best and genuine deals available on that site, for the product you are looking for.

If you do a lot of shopping online, you cannot afford to miss Fakespot – it could be a lifesaver!  Fakespot is available on iOS, Android, Safari and Firefox also.


WordTuneWordTune is a Chrome Extension which helps you convert your thoughts into words. Whether it is Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, WordTune will always be there to help you say exactly what you mean through clear, compelling and authentic writing.

Just add the extension to Chrome. Then, whenever you are writing something – Text, Letter, Formal, Informal – just about anything, just select the sentence you wish to refine and WordTune will immediately give you five other ways of saying it!  You can rewrite the sentence, make it casual / formal, shorten it or even expand it. Select what is most appropriate for that particular context and you are done. It is that simple.

You can even get an Add-in for Microsoft Word. You will get the same AI based functionality for all the text you type in Microsoft Word too.

The free version allows you to make 20 corrections per day while the paid version is unlimited.

Really a must-have if you do a lot of writing.

Screenshot Flow

ScreenshotIf you need to share the flow of an App – your own or some other App – Screenshot Flow is the App for you. You can create easy, visual user guides or create a UX diagram from any App in under a minute.

Screenshot Flow auto-generates user flow diagrams from Screenshots to help guide a user in how to use an App. It is very simple to use – start this App and then the App that you wish to demonstrate. On the latter screen, you will see a pointer which you need to tap on and then move on to the next screen. This app will create a neat flow chart which you can share online in many ways. You have the option to save the flow chart on your phone or on you Google Drive, create a link immediately and then share the same by Email, Whatsapp or any other means.

You can further label the diagrams and customize the flows for a professional look and feel.

There is a free trial for 7 days and if you need it often, you can purchase the app for unlimited use on a monthly charge.

Android:         iOS: Coming Soon

Splitting Payments on Google Pay

Google PayGPay, as Google Pay is popularly known, is being widely used these days – right from shopping online, paying bills or for making payments to individuals for food, groceries or even vegetable vendors. Many times, when joint purchases are made or when you have to share bills in a restaurant, GPay makes it easy to share your payments.
The easiest way to split bills is to make the payment first and then, on the payment confirmation page, you have the option of Split with friends. Click on that and you can add friends and/or family for sharing. By default, it will show you the option to share equally, but you can make changes to each individual’s share and arrive at the total. It’s that simple. You can split payments even later by going to transaction history and selecting the payment you wish to split and going through the same process.
In case you need to share often with the same group of friends, you can create a GPay Group. When you go to Pay Contacts you have the option to create a New Group. You can create a group with the people whom you wish to share your payments with. Name the group appropriately for future use. Now, whenever you want to split a payment, you can select the Group and decide the amount you wish to share and also the individual shares. That’s it!

Happy Sharing on GPay!

Android Apps on Windows 11

AndroidWindows 11 comes packed with many new features including security upgrades. If you are an Android fan, Windows 11 now allows you to download Android Apps directly onto your Windows 11 computer and run them as native Android Apps.

The easiest way to do this is to go to the Microsoft Store on your PC running Windows 11.  (It is pre-installed on all Windows 11 installations, but if it is not installed, you can instal it easily.) In the Microsoft Store, search for Amazon Appstore. Install Amazon Appstore on your system and you will be able to then download and install Android Apps onto your machine. Although you may not have ALL the apps available on the Google Play Store, most of the popular ones are available and lots more are being added daily.

Most of the Apps which you can download and run are Amazon centric. If you wish to run all the apps available on Google Play Store, you may need to run through a few more steps (just look for it online) and you will be up and running in a few minutes.

So, go for all your Android Apps on your PC now!


WiteboardWiteboard is the fastest way to collaborate real-time with your team or with your clients anywhere. You can draw and brainstorm with your team online. The minimalist interface allows you to start instantly. No need to register or login. Just head to and start drawing online on the virtual whiteboard.

The beauty of this simple, easy interface is that it is cross-platform and allows anyone with any device to join the collaborative session – one person can be on Windows, another on a tablet and the third person could be on a smartphone.

You have tools like Pencil, Text, Eraser and Undo with Drawing of Rectangle, Circle and Straight Lines, all built in with easy to remember shortcuts.

This could be a very useful tool to collaborate interactively and also be shared on Zoom during presentations.