CanvaIf you need to design anything – brochures, mailers, banners, greeting cards or Social Media material, Canva is the tool for you. The online free version is very versatile and will fulfil most of your requirements. But, if you need more features and flexibility, the paid version can give you all the bells and whistles to get a professional job done!

Canva is very easy to use. Just logon to and select what you want to design from a plethora of choices offered. Select whatever you want to design and define its size and you are presented with a blank canvas. Now, you may add text, images, videos, whatever you want. Canva offers loads of design content for free. Ideally, you may never have to leave Canva for most of your needs, but if you wish to get your custom images / logos, it is just a matter of cut and paste from another website or from your own computer. It’s that simple. You can play with the orientation, size, colors and much more.

Once your design is ready, you may download it as pdf or png and it is ready to be deployed. The paid version allows you to resize the image in custom sizes for Facebook / YouTube Banners, Instagram and a host of Social Media platforms.

If you feel comfortable and want to design stuff on your phone directly, you can use the Canva app and do all of the above with ease on your phone.

A very useful app for quick design and deployment, without the need for high end software like Pagemaker or Photoshop  

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YouTube Music

youtoubeYouTube Music connects you to the world of music with more than 70 million songs and music content including live performance and remixes and thousands of curated playlists across many genres and activities.

You can even create personalized music, playlists and mixes built around your favourite types of music, including activity mixes for your workout, relaxation and focus sessions. If you have a collection of music from the good old days, you can upload the same and stream it from any of your mobile devices. You can discover new music and top trends based on your moods and preferences and listen to your music on your phone, desktop, smart speakers and smart TV.

The premium version allows you to listen ad-free, play music in the background and allows smart downloads.

Start your musical journey today with YouTube Music!

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mParivahanThis is a very simple app which provides citizens instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. It provides complete information about any vehicle which is registered in India, such as Owner Name, Registering Authority, Make / Model, insurance validity and fitness validity, etc.

Alongwith the above, it also allows you to download your Driving License and Registration Certificate on your phone. Full details regarding name, address, validity, etc. are available. In case of Registration Certificate, the validity, Insurance and PUC details are also available. This is very convenient and useful, since it constitutes a valid document in lieu of the regular hard copy which you need to carry when you are driving.

A must have if you own a vehicle and have a valid driving license.

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Project Activate by Google

projectThis is an interesting app initiated by the Research Project of Google which can be  used by people who are unable to speak or use technology with their hands including those who have cerebral palsy. This app enables you to activate customized preset communications by making facial gestures, such as smiling or looking up.

With your face, you can

  • Play a text-to-speech phrase
  • Play audio to express yourself or control a smart speakerSend a text message
  • Make a phone call

    With direct access, a loved one or caretaker can

  • Customize communications
  • Adjust the face gesture sensitivity

This has to be done one-time by the caregiver, after which the challenged user can use the phone on his / her own.

Of course, this is for general communication only and not meant for emergencies. Also, since it is in development stage, the accuracy cannot be always guaranteed.

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Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

SwiftkeyMicrosoft SwiftKey is the intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style, so you can type faster. You just need to install Swiftkey from the Play Store once and set it up as your default keyboard.

SwiftKey offers swipe, which is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing – including your slang, nicknames and emoji. It also provides helpful predictions, so you can get your point across fast, without errors. Type and text any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, predictive emoji and a GIF keyboard. You can even dictate using Swiftkey and it works like a breeze!

Recently, this app has introduced a very useful feature which lets you share your clipboard across devices. Of course, you need to be logged in to your same Microsoft Account on both devices. To enable sync, on your Windows computer, go to Settings – system – clipboard and turn on “Sync across devices”. On your Android phone, get into Swiftkey Settings and go for Rich Input option – here, just switch on “Sync Clipboard History”. Once done, if you copy or cut something on your Android device, you can immediately paste it on your computer and vice versa!

Try it out and instantly increase your productivity manifold!

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Shortcut Maker


This is an interesting app which allows you to make shortcuts of anything you want on your Android home screen. Simply select the feature and click on CREATE to shortcut. That’s it!
Create shortcut of just anything on your Android phone viz. installed apps and activities, folders and files from internal storage, quickly change your system settings, your favourite website, and much more.

If you use your Android device extensively through the day and need to reach your settings, folders, websites through multiple steps again and again, this is a must-have app for you. Loads of time-savings guaranteed!
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Telegram – Chat Folders

Saved MessagesTelegram is gaining a lot of popularity these days, more so because it offers many more features than Whatsapp.

One of the interesting features of Telegram is that it allows you to create separate folders for various types of chat. Owing to the deluge in chats, this feature helps you segregate your chats and quickly find the ones you need. When you are subscribed to several public discussions and broadcasts, this could come in handy. You could have separate folders for home, work, social organizations, broadcasts, etc. You can then swipe between the tabs to quickly access any of your chats.

There is a “Folders” feature in the settings section, which lets you create tabs for Home, Work, or anything else. There you can Create Folder, and “Add Chats”. If your folder’s name is Home or Work or anything else, then you can add all your individual or group chats there. Once you are done with this, Telegram will show you the different tabs that you created. This way you can immediately find your loved ones as well as your favourite channels. You can also pin chats to find the important chats at the top of the screen.

A very efficient way to organize and quickly find your chats. Try it!

Are you Tokenized Yet?

Are you Tokenized Yet?


When we shop online, say on Amazon / Flipkart, we make payments by using our Debit / Credit Card. We normally enter the card details, including card number, name, expiry date and the three-digit CVV. To make it more convenient for repeat purchases, the seller/merchant asks us for our one-time permission to store the card details on their server. If you give permission, the data is securely stored on their servers, with encryption and masking technology. Now, if their security measures are inadequate or broken-into by a hacker, your entire data, including Card numbers, CVV, etc. is vulnerable and susceptible to misuse, which could lead to a loss upto the value of your card limits.

Tokenization is primarily designed to prevent such online or digital breaches.


At the Merchant end:

  • Since October 2022, RBI has mandated that the merchants will not save the customers’ card numbers on their servers. Instead, they will just store a generated Token Number for each Credit Card that they want to be used recurringly on their servers.
  • What it means is that a random Token Number will be generated by the system, which will be stored at the merchant end.
  • This Token Number will be a unique number which is a combination of the Credit Card Number and the Merchant. So, e.g. if you are shopping on Amazon, your Card will be tokenized and a unique Token Number will be generated.
  • This Token Number can only be used to make purchases with that Card on Amazon. It cannot be used on any other merchant website. Hence, a different, unique, Token Number will be generated each for Flipkart, Rediff or any other shopping site.
  • Your actual Card details will be held safe in a secure token vault.
  • This process will eliminate the possibility of hacking at the merchant end and even if the data is hacked, all that the hacker will receive will be a token number which will be unusable anywhere else and hence will be of no use to the hacker.
  • Thus, essentially, your card will have multiple tokens based on the number of Merchants you have tokenized your card with.

For the User:

  • As far as the user is concerned, the next time you pay online for something using your Debit or Credit Card, you will be asked if you wish to “Save Card as per RBI guidelines” or “Secure your Card”. If you respond positively, you will immediately get an OTP on your Mobile Number linked to your Card. Once you enter the OTP on the Merchant site, your card will be automatically Tokenized.  It is as simple as that! 
  • You will not have to remember your Token Number, nor will it be displayed to you.
  • However, you will still see the last 4 digits of your card at the merchant checkout page.
  • You can request tokenization of any number of cards at a merchant website.
  • Whenever your card is renewed, reissued or upgraded, you will have to visit the merchant page and create a fresh token by following the same instructions.
  • Each card that you have, including Add-on cards will need to be tokenized, since each card has a unique card number.
  • If you wish to delete the Token Number already generated at a merchant website, you just need to disable that card at the merchant’s website / app and your token number will be automatically deleted.
  • If your card has not been tokenized, it will be automatically removed from apps and websites and you will be required to fill in all your card details every time you transact on that merchant platform.


Tokenized transactions are more secure since the generated tokens are normally not reversible. In encrypted transactions, the process is reversible by decryption using a unique key and decryption is mostly necessary to complete each transaction. It is therefore felt that Tokenization is relatively more secure than encryption.

Thus, from now onwards, you can transact online confidently, with the assurance that your transactions are more secure than before.

Happy Shopping for this festive season!

Storage Sense Settings in Windows

If you find your hard disk getting full or your Windows computer getting sluggish, you might like to do some cleanup using Storage Settings in Windows.

Just head to Settings from the Start Button and look for Storage Settings. Once there, you may like to switch on Storage Sense. Having done this, you will be able to automate some cleanup options like:

  1. Uninstall unused or undesired apps and features
  2. Delete temporary files
  3. Manage large folders including videos and images
  4. Keep the clutter off your

PC You can select how often you want the cleanup process to run automatically and then leave it for your Windows Operating System to do the rest!

This relatively hidden feature, which is switched off by default, can go a long way to rid your PC of all unwanted and unnecessary files, and, in some cases, make it faster and more efficient. Do try it and feel the difference!


NumericalNumerical presents the universe in numbers. It aspires to bring in an entirely different way for the world to consume, engage and interact with information. It does so by blending the 2 most powerful technologies of our generation – Data and Social Media.

From Agriculture, Art and Business to Science, Technology and Travel, everything in Numerical is expressed as a Number. They call it the ‘Numeron’  – a Number, text to describe the number, and optionally images, audio or video to further enrich the number.

Their basic philosophy is that numbers matter and bring objectivity in explaining and understanding time, space, proportion, value and impact.

The other distinguishing feature is the ability to engage and interact with each Numeron, through hooks called Actions – such as sharing emailing and comparing them with each other.

Numerical does not contain ads – and is free for now.  Future releases of the platform will support subscription models though. They still have a long way to go, but in my opinion, they have made a good start.

So, if you wish to analyse, compare, understand, and digest information in Numeric form, Numerical may just be the right prescription for you!

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