Measure helps you with quick, everyday measurements around the house or office — similar to a tape measure. With the Measure app, you can:
– Measure the length and height of objects in the real world ​like​ the size of a rug, the width of a cabinet, or the height of a table
– Switch between imperial and metric units
– Save photos of your measurements for later

Move your phone around the space to find flat surfaces such as tabletops or the floor. Then drag a length tool or height tool into the scene, and adjust it to the right size. Tap the camera icon to snap a photo for later, or tap the trash icon to start a new measurement.  It does take a bit of time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is really great!

Measurements taken with this app are estimates, but very good ones!

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Snapseed – Photo Editor from Google

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor, developed by Google.

Once installed, you can pick up any photo from your Gallery and work on it in a professional manner. You get 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective (see list below). You can save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later. All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control.

Cropping and rotation is a breeze. You can use the Brush to selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth. Once you are done, you can add both stylized or plain text onto your photos. And, of course, you can use Double Exposure to blend two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing

All in all a professional photo editor at your fingertips, for free!

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Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App

Zomato lets you search for and discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from. Browse through restaurant menus, photos, user reviews and ratings to decide where you want to eat, and use the map feature to guide you there. You can see the opening times, pictures, reviews and ratings from other users of Zomato, menus, average costs, recommended dishes, contact details and a list of pros and cons.

And, if you are in India, UAE, or Lebanon, you can also order food online for delivery, with thousands of great food delivery restaurants to choose from.

You can add your own reviews, rating or photos, call the restaurant or bookmark it so you don’t forget about it. Zomato has a social side where you can follow other users, allowing you to see when they review a restaurant or say that they’ve visited it.


They also have various schemes where handsome discounts are offered on advance payments. Add Zomato to your app list and have a hearty meal!


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Moovit: Bus Time & Train Time Live Info

Moovit is your personal assistant for Public Transport.  It guides more than 150 million users in over 2200 cities throughout the world. Commuters will find updated bus time and train time, transit maps, and, where available, real-time line arrivals based on GPS devices on-board buses, subways, and trains.

You can locate nearby stations, travel with on-the-go live navigation guidance and receive get-off alerts at your destination to ensure a smooth ride. This is why Moovit has been named one of the best apps of the year in 2016 and 2017 by the Google Play and App Stores, respectively.

You have offline maps, rate charts and an interesting option to become a local guide for your city. You only need one app to navigate – just MOOVIT!


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Clipboard Pro

We all juggle at the mobile keyboard, and the faster we try to be, the longer it takes! In comes Clipboard Pro – a convenient clipboard app with overlay display. Once installed, this app automatically records all copied text. And all the copied text is available at a tap of your finger. You can record upto 100 entries in the Clipboard and Memo.

You can record the content and URL of the article you care about, copy the product name, etc., and search the web later. It also has a memo function, which you can use for shopping too!

The app has a movable floating recall button, so your clipboard is available anytime, anywhere, in any app, on your phone. There is a Quick Search button which allows you to quickly search the word on Google when copied.

There is a free trial available after which you need to pay for the app

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Ringtone Maker Pro

If you would like to change your ringtone to something you love, Ringtone Maker Pro is the tool for you.  It provides amazing features, lets you to manipulate & personalize ringtones for your Android phone. You don’t need to be a composer or an artist, with the ringtone editor tool you can do everything in steps.

You can scan music stored in your phone and various audio files, find your songs and recorded audio files and put them all into the app for processing. You also have powerful audio editing features, and even record a voice and make your own unique ringtone!

You can playback and test your result right after editing process is done. The App supports multiple file formats like: MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV,AAC(M4A)/MP4, 3GPP/AMR

Download the best ringtone maker app now to personalize notification sounds on your phone with the hottest ringtones!  The free version has ads and the paid version removes them.

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Driving Detective

We all know that it is dangerous to talk or text while driving. But invariably when the phone rings or beeps, there is a tendency to pick it up or view the notification while driving.  That is dangerous!

Driving Detective automagically detects when you are in a moving vehicle and toggles Do Not Disturb on, silencing alerts for the duration of the drive. Normal operation is restored after you exit the vehicle and move away from it. Do Not Disturb is an Android feature which gives the user control over alerts, specifically which alerts are allowed to notify the user and when.

Driving Detective does not use any GPS data to detect driving. Detection is done completely on device. Detection stops either by walking a short distance away from the car, or remaining parked for more than 15 minutes.

Drive Safe – always use driving detective!

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