EMI Calculator

EMIThis EMI calculator by Abhishek Kumar will be loved by all and sundry in the financial sector. If you have the need to calculate EMI often, you can install this extension in your Chrome Browser.

Installation of the extension is simple, as usual – just search Google for EMI Calculator Chrome Extension, and install it. Once installed, it will sit as an extension on your top toolbar, along with your other extensions.

Now, whenever you need to do an EMI Calculation, just click on it and it will pop-up the options and instantly give you a report on the  Equated Monthly Instalment, the total principal amount and interest amount to be paid and the bifurcation for the same.

A very useful tool for those who wish to calculate EMI over and over!

Inserting Tables in Gmail

Inserting Tables in GmailI am sure we have all faced difficulties in inserting Tables in Gmail. So clumsy and unpredictable!  Here is an extension which allows you to insert Tables seamlessly into Gmail. It is an extension called (you guessed it right) Gmail Tables by CloudHQ.

Installation of the extension is a breeze – just search Google for Gmail Tables Chrome Extension, and install it. Once installed, it will sit as a small tiny icon next to your send button in your Compose Window. Click on it and a menu to create a Table will pop up, allowing you to create tables of all sizes, create Headers, padding and much more.

Apart from the ability to create tables, the extension also allows you to add Buttons for which you can embed the links of your choice. This is really cool and can be used in a variety of business and personal mails.

So go ahead and create Tables in Gmail – have fun!


DesygnerDesygner is the easiest and the best Graphic Design app. It offers the most beautiful, professional, royalty-free images, free to use forever. Fonts and graphics are also offered free.

You can create logos, Social Media Graphics (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Posters, Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, well, almost anything you want. You can edit your designs from a computer, tablet or phone for free. You can share your designs via text, email & social media, or download and print from your phone in seconds.

And, if you are serious about design, you can try the Pro version which is paid and unlock thousands of premium templates, along with sophisticated tools to make your design jobs outstanding.

Android : https://bit.ly/2JljTyH      iOS: https://apple.co/2UVr8D1



This is a distraction free notes taking app. It provides categories for better organization and supports formatting.

Notes are saved as files in your Nextcloud, so you can view and edit them with any Nextcloud client. You can have multiple accounts which can be synced all at once.

Further, it allows easy integration into third-party apps (currently, there are notes apps for Android and iOS which allow convenient access to your Nextcloud notes). You can mark your Notes as favorites for fast and easy access.

You could use this as a simple replacement for Google Notes. Simple, fast and efficient.

Android: https://bit.ly/3aqGjdO   iOS: https://apple.co/2WRf7AL

Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal is the simplest thing you can use to start your day happier. Based on proven positive psychology research, it focuses your attention on the good in your life and helps you set purposeful action in just 5 minutes a day! It’s the journal that WORKS.

It has been designed to capture the Five Minute Journal physical experience. It is very intuitive to start with and stay with. You can quickly access previous journal entries and view short daily excerpts. You can also receive an inspiring quote daily and weekly challenges can be shared over Social Media.
There is a facility to backup / export to PDF and also get daily reminders for your important items.

This is not a free app but is worth every rupee you spend on it!

Android: http://bit.ly/32sYiwR    iOS: https://apple.co/2HX5GHw


In the world of instant messaging, Whatsapp is the number one. However, with increasing discovery of security issues in Whatsapp, Telegram is fast catching up. Telegram is a Whatsapp alternative which is fast, simple, secure and available across devices. You can send media and files without any size limitation (Whatsapp has limitations) – your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.
In Whatsapp, if you create Groups, there is a limitation of 256 members. On Telegram, you can create Groups with 2,00,000 members! It also has powerful photo and video editing tools and an open sticker / GIF platform to cater to your creative genes. It is 100% free, without ads, and there is no third-party access to your data.
For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chat. Messages can be programmed to self-destruct after a pre-determined time frame after reading.
A growing, safe and secure platform for instant messaging. Try it out today!
Android: http://bit.ly/2Povr7E       iOS: https://apple.co/2VjExqd


Dictation.ioDictation.io is a simple dictation website. No login required, no download and no installs. Just head to www.dictation.io and start dictating. Once having finished your dictation, you will be able to Save it, Copy it or Print it instantaneously. Since this is a web-based utility, internet connection is a must to use it. It uses the Google dictation engine at the backend and supports 67 languages, including several Indian languages.

The accuracy level of this website is quite good and there is no training required. You just connect and click on Start. Punctuations and formatting can also be handled orally which makes it very easy to handle. If you use your words slowly and clearly, it just works!

One of the simplest dictation tools available online!

Headway: Books’ Key Ideas

Dive into any topic and master any skill with the world’s best books on Productivity, Negotiation, Money, Health, Love, Business, Investment, etc. If you have a busy schedule, no worries – you will spend only 15 minutes per book, maximum!
You have an audio version for each summary, so you just have to listen. There are actionable insights which give you action points for each book. A recall technique that helps your brain to keep the book’s insights in memory and a non-stressed notification system to achieve your goals – all have been built-in.
So, if you want to be a rockstar at public speaking, want to succeed in business, get the promotion or you want to find out how to fill your home with love and happiness, Headway Books is for you – to learn from the world’s brightest minds!
Android: http://bit.ly/2HTVBLq         iOS: https://apple.co/37XGvyX

GBoard – revisited

We had reviewed and recommended GBoard as our first choice for keyboards on Android. Since then, GBoard has gone on improving. As being one of the best keyboards, it now incorporates the following features:

  • Glide Typing – you can type faster by sliding your finger over the characters rather than tapping them individually
  • Voice Typing – You can easily dictate whatever you wish to type – whether it is a message or a mail or even a long essay / letter.
  • Multilingual Typing – You need not switch between languages manually – Gboard will autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages
  • Translate – you can translate as you type on your keyboard
  • Inbuilt Clipboard Manager – this is one of the interesting recent additions to the keyboard – there is an inbuilt clipboard manager which stores upto 5 snippets in the Clipboard. Whatever you copy on your phone, is stored there for upto an hour. And you could re-use it any time within that time frame. If you wish to store a clip beyond the hour limitation, you can pin it and it will remain there forever!
    Truly a versatile keyboard, which includes Emojis, GIFs, Cursor Control and much more! A must have for your Android Device.
    Android : http://bit.ly/2VjjYKu


Many people feel that they spend too much time on their phones and struggle to find a balance with technology. Envelope is an app which temporarily transforms your phone into a simpler, calmer device, helping you take a break away from your digital world.

Once you’ve printed and folded the special pdf into an envelope it will turn your phone into a very basic device which can only make and receive calls helping you focus on what’s in front of you.

Printed buttons which subtly light up allow you to dial and take photographs, creating a calm but magical “Envelope User Interface”.
Not a very popular app, as you may have guessed, since it converts your phone into…… a phone only! But if you are looking for a detox from heavy phone usage – Envelope is just what the doctor ordered!
Android: http://bit.ly/2GRy2SX