1st of March was a Bank Holiday on account of Holi. So I thought of relaxing and watching a movie on TV. I searched for the day’s newspaper, wanting to look up the films being aired for the day. But since the newspaper offices were also closed the previous day, there was no newspaper edition for the day ! I went looking for the online edition of the Times Of India – no luck there either – It said “Sorry, there is no edition for the day” So I started looking for a site which would give me what I needed at that moment.

I found many sites which gave information in different ways. This site – http://www.whatsonindia.com is very user-friendly and gives most of the popular TV Channels and their programs online. On the home page itself, it latches on to the date and time when you login and shows you the current TV programs being aired ! If you move your mouse over the names of the programs, a brief description is made available – to give you a hint on what’s in store. What’s more, you can customize your TV Guide – You can select the type of Channel you would like to look for e.g. Hindi Movies, Kids, Business News, English Movies, Gujarati, and many more. Further, you can filter by date to find the TV programs only for a particular day.

Another interesting aspect is that you can select your TV Service Provider such as Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV or BIG TV. Once having selected the provider, you can also select the package that you have opted for – and presto ! You will get a program guide customized to your requirement for that Provider for that Package !

There is more – you can browse by Channels, look up Featured Lists and also Viewer’s Choices ! You can sign in for free and create your own Profile in terms of likes and dislikes, which will customize the views when you next visit the site.

And to spoil you totally, you have an option to remind yourself by SMS or Email – Click on Remind Me or Remind a Friend, enter the Mobile no. and / or email id, and how many minutes before the program time you would like to be reminded – and you will get an SMS or Email at the right time ! This can be extended to repeats of the same program also. What’s more – you may never miss your favorite show, movie or actor again.!!!  Enter a keyword and whenever they find a match for it in a program title or cast, they will send you a reminder.

With all this, we might as well say goodbye to the Newspaper TV lists and go online, have a lazy Sunday !



Navroz or Naurooz is the day on which Zoroastrians across the world, and even UNESCO, celebrate the heralding of Spring. Families come together on the occasion with prayers, traditional ceremonies and festivities.  And in any Zoroastrian celebration, going back to nature is very important.

Naturalnews.com is the place to find Natural Health, Natural Living and Natural News. The site is full of independent news on natural health, nutrition and more.

Latest news and articles include the epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency and how to resolve it, reversing diabetes with the help of raw, living foods, the perils of junk food, benefits of aloe vera and blowing several myths on breast cancer.

Reference Information includes Health Book Summaries, Healing food references, Honest Food Guide, Herb references and much more. Special Reports and Streaming Video cover the Healing Power of Water, Censored Health Secrets and the Dangers of Eating Processed Meats. Apart from these, there are Streaming Videos, Podcasts and Health Cartoons. There is also an interesting and enjoyable Music Album featuring lively music.

The Natural News Health Library contains hundreds of Health Books – most of which are free. You may download them and read the books in pdf format from the comfort of your home.

A very useful feature is the Subscription to the Natural News Insider Email Newsletter – FREE ! You will receive an email news alert each weekday with the latest breaking news and alerts on natural health, green living and more — all from a 100% independent, honest viewpoint that you won’t find in the mainstream media. Including:

  • Exclusive interviews with top natural health doctors and authors who reveal little-known health secrets your conventional doctor probably doesn’t even know
  • Honest product reviews on health foods, personal care products, green living and home care products
  • Hard-hitting reports on toxic chemicals in your food, water, personal care products and home environment
  • Action-oriented tips and recipes for living a healthier, happier and more environmentally sustainable life!
  • The truth about what to avoid in foods, supplements and personal care products — it’s the truth that food and chemical companies hope you never learn!!

Natural Ice Cream goes well with Natural News on a Sunday – what do you say ?


A very important part of time management is to get organized. And a very important part of being organized is to make lists and reminders. So where does one start the day ? Right at the beginning of the day – Rememberthemilk.com !

Truly, rememberthemilk.com (RTM) re-invents the to-do list. You can manage tasks from just anywhere. With a simple signup process, you are good to go ! Once you login, it may be a good idea to browse around, add contacts or groups and add your first task. You can add a due date (and time), the duration, the location and the priority. You can also share the task with your girl friend (if it is meant for 2) or share it with a Group (if it is a team job, at work).

You can set the priority of the tasks that you define. RTM will list out the high priority tasks for you, if you wish to. Also, you can separate the lists as Personal, Work, Study, etc. This helps in concentrating on the work related tasks while at work, so that the birthday gift for your boyfriend does not nag you ! You can go offline anytime and your tasks will be synced whenever you login online ! You do not need the Internet Connection all the time.

What good is a Task List if there are no reminders ? RTM reminds you by email to your designated account, SMS(not in India yet, sorry), Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger – the way you want it to be, for each task. You can even integrate the tasks with Google Calendar. Whats more, if you miss out on the task, it will show it as overdue. There is an option to postpone the task, if you so desire, and, very smartly, RTM will tell you how many times you have had it postponed !  (remember the exercise routine ? ). Searching through the To-Do Lists is a breeze – just try it to experience it.

MilkSync is a super cool way to synchronize your RTM tasks with other software and devices. It’s currently available for: BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. This is only available if you go for the Pro version – which needs to be paid for. But no need to despair, the Free version has so much power that you may never need to go for the Pro version.

So now, when the wife tells you to buy groceries on the way home or the boss wants the project to be completed on a certain date, you have no excuse !


So you are planning your vacation for this summer ? Where will you go and how much will you spend ? Do you have a budget ? How does one get started ?

BudgetYourTrip.com helps you discover your Travel Budget. Besides, as the introduction says – We can’t give you more money, but we can show you where it went ! The site helps you to Estimate, Plan and Track your travel expenses online.

The first step is to estimate your budget. Estimate travel costs by country, city, and category. Use the Estimate Trip Costs search form to plan your expenses, or browse the list of countries. The trip expenses entered by other travelers helps to calculate daily averages by location and category.

The second step is to enter your planned expenses into the table, and then see your budget breakdown by category and location. The site will give you charts, tables, categories, and an itinerary. You will know where, when, and how you plan to spend your money so that you can adjust your budget accordingly.

Lastly, after your trip has begun, find out how you spent your money. This is broken down for you with charts, tables, categories, and daily averages. Then compare your actual spending to your planned budget. Sign Up and start a trip to find out how easy it can be.

Incidentally, all the numbers depend on you. If you’ve been on a trip recently, your travel budget can help others plan. The travel costs from other people’s trips gets averaged and aggregated to create daily costs for locations around the world. They’re just starting up so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find your dream destination yet.

Wish you HAPPY and PLANNED vacation this summer !


As we enter the month of May, tempers and temperatures start rising and availability of power starts falling. We all want ACs but have no clue where the additional power is going to come from !  And the best way to have more power is to conserve it !

http://www.saveenergy.co.in is a great resource to find ways of saving energy. The site provides information and tips for saving energy. It is an initiative of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) which is responsible for making the star rating of appliances across the country mandatory.

The energy labeling program is explained in detail. Did you know that if ALL ACs in India had a 5 star rating, the power saving would be equivalent to a month’s power supply in Mumbai ? or emergency services like hospitals will have uninterrupted power 24×7 all year round ? India Room Air conditioner Industry has approximately 38 brands of Air conditioners as of March 2010. Before the labeling program was introduced, the consumers could not easily get information on and understand the energy consumption details from the name plate information of Air conditioners. Now, since it has been made mandatory for ACs and Refrigerators (and a couple of other products too), it has become easy for the consumer to find the efficiency of the equipment he is buying.

There is an interesting section on Energy Calculation. You can choose your room size and matching airconditioners, the operating time and the city in which you live – and voila ! It tells you how much you will pay on electricity bills on account of airconditioning. If you choose a higher star rating for your ACs you can even see how much savings you will be able to achieve. Energy Saving FAQs and power savings guide are incorporated in different sections.

Energy saving is good not just for your pocket but also for your environment. So better start saving energy now, contribute to reduction of Global Warming and leave the earth a better place for our children !


Mumbai – Parsis – Iranis – Chai – a very logical and binding connection. And who can forget the nostalgic Irani restaurant down the corner. Bun Maska or Brun Maska and chai – the staple snack for 100s of Bawajis in the good old days. Iranichaimumbai.com takes you down memory lane, into the labyrinths of unforgettable nostalgia.

As the intro to the site says – “Irani Chai, Mumbai exists to remember and document, through words and visuals, the Irani cafes of Mumbai.”  “… … the aim of the project is to present the story of Mumbai’s Irani cafes – and its Irani community – online. What sits behind the nostalgia for these unmistakably Mumbai social spaces? What are the stories of the families who started them, and what are your recollections of time spent at your favourite Irani? Beyond the fading allure of bentwood chairs and marble tabletops lay a multitude of memories. Irani Chai, Mumbai invites you to share yours.” The site invites your comments and / or sharing of memories for the world at large – but alas, those who have never visited and experienced, would never know how it actually felt !

The metamorphosis of Leopold Cafe, the story of Cafe Universal, Fort, Hindi retro sounds live from Koolar & Co., Matunga, the disappearance of Crown Bakery, Stores & Restaurant from Mahim are all well documented. Jimmy Boy, B. Merwan and Kyani jostle with the lesser known cafes, to make the list exhaustive and complete. Personal experiences, laced with some great founders’ stories, all combine to make this site a must see, for oldies and youngsters alike. The pictures, sprinkled all over like gems in a crown, are rare and phenomenal – tables and chairs, signboards, mirrors, ads, instructions (no asking for change, no combing hair, no asking for directions !) take you back to the British days when Irani chai was a daily pleasure and a delightful outing. You can almost feel the smells and the sounds as you browse through, basking in the simple pleasures which are a rarity these days.

Documenting a part of history and uploading it online for posterity – iranichaimumbai.com does a great job. You could almost get lost once you are browsing through – so you better set an alarm to wake you up, before you venture to dip in !


Very often, we need to send large files to colleagues, friends or family. They may be image files or video files or just pdf files. Sometimes, it may be large medical reports which need to be sent to a doctor abroad for a second opinion. Most of the email clients cannot handle file sizes of more than 20-25 MB at a time – gmail has a limit of 25MB for attachments.

 www.sendthisfile.com comes to the rescue. This is a very simple but powerful utility which helps us send large files. You just need to logon, create an account – yes it is free – and send your file. As simple as that ! What it does, is that it uploads the files to a secure server, and sends the link of the uploaded file to the email recipient. The email recipient just has to click on the link, and she can download the file directly. So neither your email account nor the recipient’s email account is used, except for a brief line communicating the link.

It works pretty efficiently. The speed of the uploads and downloads depends on the total no. of files that you have transferred. The first time, it goes at full speed and then, as your traffic increases, the speed slows down. However, the counter is re-set every month for your account. So the first file which you send in any month is super fast and the speed keeps deteriorating as you send more and more files. Also, you can send only one file at a time. The other limitation is that the recipient can download the file that you have sent, only 3 times. And the file is held on their servers only for 3 days. But inspite of all these limitations, it works extremely well for most users without any problems.

If you go for a paid account, these limitations are eliminated. Besides, it offers encryption of the data also, just in case there are peeping toms around !  Check it out the next time you are stuck with a LARGE file to send or receive. http://www.sendthisfile.com is a great transporter of large files !