How I Work – 196 –

Google is the big daddy of Search Engines. But there are many others who present “search” in different, innovative and fun ways. One such tool is instaGrok.

Just enter your search term in instaGrok and it will open up its various nuances instantly, in a visually appealing chart. Sift through the nuances and find one that matches your need – click on it and now, you have a good lead. The links include definitions, images and videos.

Their mission is to help everyone discover the joy of learning and empower them to be lifelong learners – if you are a student (who isn’t?) and need to learn more about any topic, try instaGroking!  If you are a teacher, a novelist or a researcher, get engaged in the visual trail to make  your search enjoyable and fruitful. InstaGrok is available on Apple and Android platforms too, to learn on the move.

Now onwards, no plagiarising – just understanding and researching by instaGroking!


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