How I Work – 202 -Have I been pwned?

captureCheck if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach!

This website – – is a free resource for anyone to quickly assess if they may have been put at risk due to an online account of theirs having been compromised or “pwned” in a data breach. It is dead simple to use and entirely free so that it is of maximum benefit to the community.

You just need to enter your email id. The site then checks whether your email id was compromised on any of the websites which have been hacked in the past. If your email id is compromised, you are told which site was hacked and you should immediately change your password on that site immediately.

You also have the option to submit your email id to the site and it will alert you in case your id is compromised any time in future.

Have a safe online presence!


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