Past Notifications

We all receive several Notifications on our phones every day. Some are important, some not so important. But in our hurry, sometimes, we delete the important ones. Some important ones run in several lines, and cannot be read. Sometimes, we reboot our phones and lose all our notifications.

Past Notifications solves all that. Just install the app, give it the required permissions and you are good to go. Irrespective of whether you have deleted your notifications or not, Past Notifications holds an easy to read Notification History. You can see all your notifications in either Chronological order or App wise order. If you put an app on the Ignore List, the  Notification will not be stored in History and will be ignored. You can adjust the maximum no. of notifications to upto 2,000!

This is real neat and helps us control our notifications easily and efficiently!

Android :

Glance Plus

Sometimes you just want wake your phone to watch time and some basic notification (battery, missed call, sms..) and don’t want to drain battery for that.
Glance Plus is designed for this propose, it shows some basic info in black screen when you wave your hand over proximity sensor or cover proximity sensor.
It is very to use this app – just download it and start the service.  Then wave your hand over proximity sensor 2 times OR just take out your phone from pocket 🙂   You will see the notifications as per your settings. To wake up your phone, double tap on screen.  To turn off glance screen just press power button
If you want Glance Plus to be always on, choose ‘Always on’ from ‘Glance Type’.

Useful if you would like to get the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 on your existing phone right now!

Android : is a very simple and efficient tool available online to deal with your pdf documents. There is no software to download or install. You can just do the conversion online. Simply upload your file, select from and to formats and click on Convert!

You can convert files from various formats to PDF as well as convert from PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many other formats. You may convert one file at a time or multiple files in one go. You can even merge files, split files, convert specific pages, rotate pages, etc. etc. The entire process takes place over a secured connection and your files are immediately deleted.

A detailed, step by step Help Section, guides you through the steps. The only limitation is that the maximum file size is 100 MB. You can select up to 20 files at a time, but all files together must not exceed 150 MB.

An extremely useful tool for daily use – always keep the link handy!

Car Maintenance Reminder

“Car Maintenance Reminder” is an all-in-one car application that helps you to: (1). Keep track of mileage, fuel efficiency and cost; (2). Log services, and get maintenance reminder when a due date approaches.

For the fuel efficiency section, you may enter the petrol filled and the mileage every time you fill petrol. And you will get the fuel efficiency, frequency and multiple graphs as reports for daily costs, driving distance, etc.

For the other maintenance services like Oil Change, Air Filter replacement, Brake checking, PUC, etc. etc., you may fill in the last date done and the frequency required and the App will pop up a reminder when these things have to be done.

The free version allows you to enter data for just one car, and the paid version allows you to enter data for multiple vehicles and also take backups, etc.

A very useful app for those who want to maintain their cars immaculately!

Android : is a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service, which can analyze the text in any image file that you upload, and then convert the text from the image into text that you can easily edit on your computer.

You may upload your image file in JPG, TIFF, PDF or even ZIP format. It has 106 recognition languages which includes even Hindi, Gujarati and Telugu. The output can be downloaded in Plain text (TXT) or Microsoft Word (DOC) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats. It supports low resolution and poorly scanned pages too! It also recognizes mathematical equations and allows rotation of text while converting. Multi-column support for newspaper and magazine articles is also in-built.

The best part is that the conversion is free and there is no registration. Just head to, upload the file and convert it into text.

A very convenient tool for daily use online.




Ringdroid – make any song your ringtone

Ringdroid lets you create personal ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds from existing music/audio files and record new ones using your Android device.

Download and Install Ringdroid on your phone. Once you launch the app, you will see a list of songs on your device. To view all the sounds on your device, tap the Action icon on the top right corner and choose Show all audio. Then select the song that you want as your ringtone. Once selected, decide the start point and the end point for your ringtone by moving the sliders above and below. Now save the clip by tapping the Save  icon. That’s it!

You can save it as a ringtone (default) or use a contact-specific ringtone, or use it for your alarm, or even use it for various notifications – a different one for each! So, which song will use as your ringtone now?

Android :


Accu Battery – Accurately monitor your Battery

Every time you charge your device, it wears out the battery, lowering its total capacity. Scientific research shows that battery lifespan can be extended up to 200%, when you charge your device to only 80%.

Accu​Battery measures the actual battery usage using information from the battery charge controller.  With AccuBattery, you can monitor precisely how much battery your device is using and know how long you can use your device when it’s active or in standby mode. You can also find out how much power each app uses.

Stats include battery charging time, optimum battery capacity, and allows you to see how much wear your battery sustains with each charge session. You can even look up the discharge speed and battery consumption per app.

In short, the app is designed to keep your battery in the best shape you can!

Android :

My Jio

If you have obtained the Reliance Jio SIM Card free, getting the My Jio App is absolutely essential. This app is the gateway to all the services that Jio offers.

You can use the app to purchase the Jio Prime Membership and download and install all Jio apps easily from one place. You can also check the usage details, account balance and get your detailed account statement. Further, you can manage your settings and personalize your profile, using this App.

If you have multiple Jio SIM Cards (family and friends) you can use this app to manage multiple SIM Cards from the same App.  Help documents and friends’ invitations, etc. are all available on a single tap. If you have a Jio WiFi device, you can even manage it from the same App.

All in all, a very comprehensive app to manage your Jio Life!

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