Glance Plus

Sometimes you just want wake your phone to watch time and some basic notification (battery, missed call, sms..) and don’t want to drain battery for that.
Glance Plus is designed for this propose, it shows some basic info in black screen when you wave your hand over proximity sensor or cover proximity sensor.
It is very to use this app – just download it and start the service.  Then wave your hand over proximity sensor 2 times OR just take out your phone from pocket 🙂   You will see the notifications as per your settings. To wake up your phone, double tap on screen.  To turn off glance screen just press power button
If you want Glance Plus to be always on, choose ‘Always on’ from ‘Glance Type’.

Useful if you would like to get the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 on your existing phone right now!

Android :



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