Car Maintenance Reminder

“Car Maintenance Reminder” is an all-in-one car application that helps you to: (1). Keep track of mileage, fuel efficiency and cost; (2). Log services, and get maintenance reminder when a due date approaches.

For the fuel efficiency section, you may enter the petrol filled and the mileage every time you fill petrol. And you will get the fuel efficiency, frequency and multiple graphs as reports for daily costs, driving distance, etc.

For the other maintenance services like Oil Change, Air Filter replacement, Brake checking, PUC, etc. etc., you may fill in the last date done and the frequency required and the App will pop up a reminder when these things have to be done.

The free version allows you to enter data for just one car, and the paid version allows you to enter data for multiple vehicles and also take backups, etc.

A very useful app for those who want to maintain their cars immaculately!

Android :



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