My Jio

If you have obtained the Reliance Jio SIM Card free, getting the My Jio App is absolutely essential. This app is the gateway to all the services that Jio offers.

You can use the app to purchase the Jio Prime Membership and download and install all Jio apps easily from one place. You can also check the usage details, account balance and get your detailed account statement. Further, you can manage your settings and personalize your profile, using this App.

If you have multiple Jio SIM Cards (family and friends) you can use this app to manage multiple SIM Cards from the same App.  Help documents and friends’ invitations, etc. are all available on a single tap. If you have a Jio WiFi device, you can even manage it from the same App.

All in all, a very comprehensive app to manage your Jio Life!

Android :                    iOS :




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