Draw.io (https://www.draw.io/) is an online charting tool. You can make all kinds of tables / charts / graphs / flowcharts / venn diagrams, etc. for business, engineering, software, networks and more. It lets you create any number of professional images, giving you full control over them. You can save your images as jpg, pdf or png. It also allows you to save your work on your desktop, or a cloud storage service of your choice i.e. google drive, one drive, dropbox, etc. You have the option to download the desktop app with the same functionality and create enchanting looking diagrams and use them in your documents and presentations.

Best of all, the service is entirely free. You have the option to contribute though, in various ways, and if you like the service, I think you should!

Infinite Painter

 Infinite Painter is one of the most feature-packed apps for digital artists, with dozens of brush presets and the ability to create your own, along with layers, blending, editing tools and more, plus the option to export your images as JPEG, PNG, PSD or ZIP.

It has detailed tutorials and guides, although the interface is so simple that you should be able to find your way through most things anyway.

It has superior tools, brushes and interface, which help you import and export PSD layers and also add images from the gallery / web.

Many of the advanced features are for payment, but it allows you to try them out before you actually buy them.

An interesting tool for the creative digital artist.

Android: http://bit.ly/2AvHWa6 iOS:https://apple.co/2SBkAGZ

Google Arts & Culture

If you are an Arts & Culture enthusiast, Google Arts & Culture will keep you occupied for days! Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with over 1,200 international museums, galleries and institutions from 70 countries to make their exhibits available for everyone online.

Keep exploring with Google Arts & Culture. Meet the people, visit the places and learn about the events that shaped our world. Discover collections curated by experts from the most famous museums. Be moved by stories depicted in thousands of photos, videos, manuscripts and artworks on every type of screen and in virtual reality. Find your favorite artworks, create your own collections and share them with friends.

You can have Zoom Views, Virtual Reality, Virtual Tours and much more. You can also save your favorite works and share your collections with friends and family.

Be prepared to get lost in the Art & Culture world – get immersed!

Android : https://goo.gl/YP6g6N                        iOS : https://goo.gl/3cNhXV