Quite often we need to use photos from the web in our presentations, blogs, brochures or websites. Looking up images online and using them is always fraught with copyright and proprietary risks. You never know when you could be sued!

Pexels is a free stock photo and video website and app that helps designers, bloggers, and everyone who is looking for visuals to find great photos and videos that can be downloaded and used for free. If you see a photo or video you like, simply download it – no strings attached! All photos and videos on Pexels are free for commercial use also. The only condition is that you should not profess that the projected pictures endorse your product or service. Of course, you cannot sell the photos or videos unless you have edited them or added value to the original.

If you wish, you could create your own account at Pexels which would help you create collections, follow photographers you love and get a customized, curated homepage depending on your preferences. And, if you’d like to contribute your work to Pexels, they accept photos and videos from everyone.

So go ahead and get world famous with your pics and videos!!

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ClipDrop AR


Clipdrop is the coolest way to take photos of objects around you and drop them to any other app on your phone. You can take a pic of anything and use it for your next presentation, a social post or even as an attachment to your email.

The app is wonderful for its simplicity. Just download and install it and point and shoot any object of your choice. You get a picture with a transparent or opaque background. Then a quick edit for the background and orientation and export it to the app of your choice – it could be Whatsapp, Evernote, Gmail or any other app. That’s it! If you are doing photo shoot for products, you do not need a photo studio any more. Just point and shoot. You can even take clips off your Windows or Mac desktops and drop them in any app of your choice. The current version allows you to import editable masks with the Plugin for Adobe Photoshp.

The app is free for the first 10 clips and there is a subscription model which can carry you through for your professional work. Available for Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS

An innovative and practical use of AR with astounding results.   Android:  iOS:

Colorize Images


We all have a repository of old black and white photos. When trying to digitize them, it may be worth incorporating some color into the pictures. Colorize Images is an automatic Machine Learning based service to colorize black and white, grayscale or nightvision photos.

The black & white photos for the colorization can be selected from the gallery, or they can be shared from other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Chrome or Google Photos. The colorized result images can be shared to the other applications, or saved into the gallery.

The service uses GPU servers to provide the colorization functionality. This means that the source images are sent to a remote location over the network, colorized there and the colorized images are then received back to the device.

You get to try out the app for free for upto 10 images and if you wish to use it for unlimited images, you need to go for a paid version.

An interesting AI tool to put some colour into your images!

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Enlight Quickshot

EnlightYou no longer need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos! Most of the time we click photographs spontaneously, but the shot you take may not be the one you expected! Enlight helps you correct that post facto!

Quickshot allows you to replace the sky in your photos, with a new sky! Blue Skies, clouds, sunsets, even add northern lights to your pics. Also, you may add tons of special effects – from light leaks to rainbows, sparkles, hearts and more. You also have a full collection of editing tools – brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation, etc., which gives you full control over your photos.

Use quickshot to turn your photos into professional selfies, landscapes, etc.

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Many a times we take photos of friends and family, and so much background creeps in, especially in public places. This website just removes the background, easily and efficiently.

Just head to the website and upload your pic. The site will convert it and give you a transparent background immediately, which you can download and keep it for further use. It also has an option to add other, pre-defined backgrounds and splendid effects, which may enhance your image.

Whether you’re cutting out selfies, product photos or portrait shots, handles challenging edges (such as the notorious hair) and other tricky conditions exceptionally well. If you wish to convert multiple photos, you could run the conversion in batch mode and each pic takes just seconds to convert!

The paid version has more options and hi-res images also, but for most of our day to day use, the free version should suffice.

So, go ahead, remove that unwanted background now – it’s extremely simple! is the world’s first inclusive free stock photo & video library. You can use the photos and videos available, anywhere – in your brochures, handouts, documents, websites, presentations, blogs – just anywhere you wish to use them. All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use.

Attribution to the original photographer / videographer are not required, although such attributions would be appreciated for obvious reasons. You can modify the photos as you may like. Just be creative and create a work of art – there are no restrictions to the modifications either!

You may use the photos for commercial use too. What is not allowed is to publish pics of identifiable people in a bad light or in a way that is offensive. You may not sell unaltered copies of the pics or videos, without modifying them first.

A very useful site to embellish your creativity, one pic at a time!

Post To Google Photos

Many times, while browsing online, we come across photos which we would like to save, for future reference. It is tedious to save photos on the hard disk and then upload them to your favourite gallery at

Post to Google Photos is a nifty Chrome extension that can be used to upload and keep a copy of any image online with just a simple right-click. Just connect your Google account linked with Google Photos and grant the necessary permissions.

Now, when you find an image online that you would like to store for future use, just right click and choose “Post Image To Google Photos”. A notification will appear, showing that the image is being uploaded to your Google account. Once the upload is done, you will be able to view the image in your Google Photos, and access it from any device.

The extension is available free on the Chrome Web Store.

Photos with phones

In today’s times, more cameras are sold on phones than standalone. And we all use them so casually, without bothering to optimize their performance. So, if you want to improve upon your photos, just head to

This simple website was established to eradicate the stigma attached to handheld photography. Most high-end phones come with multiple cameras and a plethora of settings which can enhance your photographs to professional levels. Many of us do not even know the options and settings that exist, and how to use them.

You have articles like Phone Camera Basics, Phone camera tricks, Travel photography, Food photography and many more. The articles are grouped in 3 heads – Guides, Gear and Social Media Hacks.

Enjoy and enhance your photos, now that you have the secrets of professional photography in your arsenal!


Tidy is a very good Photo sorter. Sort your gallery with simple gestures – drag and drop photos and videos into folders! Create extra space storage in an Intuitive, Simple, Fast and most important fun way.

Tidy Organize mode will give you the ability to drag and drop photos and videos into an existing album or to an album you’ll create. You may filter your media by size, period, specific album and also look for duplicate media. Also, just swipe right, to keep and swipe left to delete the media.

The free version is quite versatile. But if you upgrade to Tidy Gold you get unlimited access to Organize Photos and videos in folders and removing all the Ads.

It’s best to keep your phone Tidy!



Photo Watermark

This great photo editor helps you collage photos with various stickers, text, photo, timestamp, decorate your photo or collage by a cool watermark!

Write texts to your editing picture using different fonts. You can resize, color, and apply some cool text effects to them. You can also add some cool captions or cool stickers and fit them in accordance with your choice to make the best pic collage

And, of course, share your creations instantly via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks!

One of the best watermarking app for creating watermarks and watermarking photos.

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