Screenshot Flow

ScreenshotIf you need to share the flow of an App – your own or some other App – Screenshot Flow is the App for you. You can create easy, visual user guides or create a UX diagram from any App in under a minute.

Screenshot Flow auto-generates user flow diagrams from Screenshots to help guide a user in how to use an App. It is very simple to use – start this App and then the App that you wish to demonstrate. On the latter screen, you will see a pointer which you need to tap on and then move on to the next screen. This app will create a neat flow chart which you can share online in many ways. You have the option to save the flow chart on your phone or on you Google Drive, create a link immediately and then share the same by Email, Whatsapp or any other means.

You can further label the diagrams and customize the flows for a professional look and feel.

There is a free trial for 7 days and if you need it often, you can purchase the app for unlimited use on a monthly charge.

Android:         iOS: Coming Soon


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