Splitting Payments on Google Pay

Google PayGPay, as Google Pay is popularly known, is being widely used these days – right from shopping online, paying bills or for making payments to individuals for food, groceries or even vegetable vendors. Many times, when joint purchases are made or when you have to share bills in a restaurant, GPay makes it easy to share your payments.
The easiest way to split bills is to make the payment first and then, on the payment confirmation page, you have the option of Split with friends. Click on that and you can add friends and/or family for sharing. By default, it will show you the option to share equally, but you can make changes to each individual’s share and arrive at the total. It’s that simple. You can split payments even later by going to transaction history and selecting the payment you wish to split and going through the same process.
In case you need to share often with the same group of friends, you can create a GPay Group. When you go to Pay Contacts you have the option to create a New Group. You can create a group with the people whom you wish to share your payments with. Name the group appropriately for future use. Now, whenever you want to split a payment, you can select the Group and decide the amount you wish to share and also the individual shares. That’s it!

Happy Sharing on GPay!


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