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If you are looking to transfer large files from your phone to any device, this app is for you. The app is very easy to operate. Just download it and start using it – no signup required.

You may transfer any kind of files from your phone or tablet. Once you identify the files you wish to transfer, just tap on them to upload them to the Smash Server. Once uploaded, you will get a share button, which will give you a link to the uploaded file. You can share this link over any tools such as Whatsapp, Email or any of your social networks, and the receiver can download the same on any device, including on a laptop or a desktop.

There is no limit to the file size, no compression of files and the files are available for upto 7 days. The data is encrypted during transit and storage and the app is totally FREE!

If you upgrade to the PRO version for a small fee, you may store files for upto 365 days. You can even add your company logo with each file transfer and avail of a few other useful features.

A very nifty app for file transfers without any limit!

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