Bluetooth audio device widget


This is one of the Best Widgets for easy connecting to your Bluetooth audio devices. If you want to listen to music, you have to go to settings, wireless, Bluetooth and connect Bluetooth audio device (speaker, headphones, sound box, car audio…)? It’s complicated and annoying. This widget is a better solution.

One click on widget to connect your Bluetooth audio device and play Spotify without going into the settings menu. The Bluetooth icon on the widget signifies the state of the connection- blue icon indicates connected, grey icon shows change of state (connecting/disconnecting). You can see connected Bluetooth profiles on the widget and if the device supports it, you can also view the battery level.

The app also supports reading battery level from Apple Airpods. In the App you can see battery level of each Airpod and case. You can also save the volume levels of different Bluetooth devices. After connecting, the App restores the saved volume level.

A very useful app if you use Bluetooth to connect to your audio devices often and juggle across your devices.



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