How I Work – 160 – Star Messages in WhatsApp

With the ever growing number of messages in WhatsApp, there are times when it is difficult to find some important message or telephone no. which a friend had sent you, say, a month ago. You know it is very much there, but it could take ages to find it. More so, if the message is hiding in a ton of Group Messages which you receive every day.

WhatsApp now allows you to “Star” a message – marking it as important, so to say. Just long press on a message and on the menu that appears on the top, tap on Star. This will mark the message as starred. This is exactly like marking the message with a Bookmark or as a favorite.

Later, when you wish to find a starred message, all you have to do is go to the Menu, and tap on Starred Messages – you will get all the starred messages listed in chronological order. You can further Search within starred messages and reach your desired message quickly. Further, you can “Unstar” a message later, making it easier to manage the Starred messages.

Organizing your messages in WhatsApp will make you more efficient – try it!


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