How I Work – 161 – Google Now Launcher

The best part of your Android device is that you can customize it to your own preference and liking.

Many phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG superimpose their own mini-launchers onto the devices that they market. However, to get the pure and light Android experience, without any major frills, try out Google Now Launcher.

A Launcher is the main screen which you see when your phone starts.  It may have several apps already but you can change all that. You can put the apps that you want on your Home Screen, by going to the apps, long pressing any app and then dragging it to the Home Screen. You can also add screens by dragging and dropping app icons to the right of the Home Screen.

By swiping left to right, you can access Google Now. Google Now is an intelligent assistant, which apart from helping you Search by Text or Voice, also shows you Google Now Cards. These are picked up from your appointments, mails, sites visited, etc. etc. You can also customize what cards you wish to see on Google Now!

You can also set reminders by touching the microphone icon and say “Remind me to go for the meeting at 3 pm today” and a reminder will be set and activated at the desired time.

Explore and find many other nuggets under the hood. And be sure to share them when you find something interesting, useful and productive!


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