How I Work – 159 – Find My Phone

Many a times, we tend to misplace our phone around home or office. The simplest way to locate it is

to dial your phone from another nearby phone and the phone will ring, making it easy to find it. But what if the phone is in silent mode? It may keep vibrating in your bag or in your drawer and you would still not be able to locate it.

Google has a very simple solution for that. Just go to your computer browser and in the Google Search Box, type “Find my phone” (without the quotes). If you are already logged on to your Google account, it may still ask you for your password for security purposes. Once your password is verified, it will start ringing your phone at full volume, even if it is in silent mode! If you are not nearby – God forbid if you forgot your phone in a public place – it will show you on the map where it is, and it will keep ringing there!
Find My Phone does not let you erase the data on your phone, nor does it disable your phone remotely – there are other apps for that –  but it is a very simple and effective tool to locate your phone. Of course, it goes without saying that your Mobile Data or WiFi connection should be on, to make this work.

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