How I Work – 158 – Alive OneScan Pro

Alive OneScan Pro is a new way to Search – Visually. So, now use your phone camera to click / scan any product, logo image or newspaper Ad and let the app discover for you, the same or similar items instantly. You also have the option to buy the selected items online.

Did you like a T-shirt shown in a print Ad? Scan the product on the ad and get see where it is available online, instantly. Do you want a similar shoe or watch your friend is wearing? A book in your colleague’s library? OneScan it, discover and buy it. Alive Pro also scans 3D QR codes and deciphers what lies beneath them. You don’t need a separate app for that now.

Just open the app and focus on any image or product that you are looking for. Tap the scan button and see where it is available online. See also similar products available, simultaneously. Buy immediately, or at a later date. Search was never so easy. Visit to know more.

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