Everyone’s talking to SIRI !

The brand new Apple iPhone 4S has an inbuilt personal assistant called Siri. Siri helps you do things by just giving oral instructions to the phone.

Suppose you want to send a message – you can just dictate the message to Siri and tell her whom to send it to and voila – the message is sent – without your having to use the keyboard! You want to mark an appointment or book a table at a restaurant or book movie tickets – just tell Siri and it will be done. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean and even talks back. e.g. if you are going to Delhi, you can ask Siri “ Do I need a jacket in Delhi tomorrow?” and Siri may answer you with the forecasted temperature in Delhi and also whether you will need a jacket or not. Siri is so simple to use and easy to handle that you will keep discovering new ways to utilize her capabilities.

Under the hood is a very powerful and intelligent voice recognition program that recognises what you are saying, sends it to a central server for analysis and comes back with answers. So, if you ask Siri, “where is RA.one playing tonight?” it will send the message to a central server, which will find out where you are (through GPS) then go to a portal to find where RA.one is playing in your vicinity and come back with appropriate answers. Pretty efficient !

Siri can even voice-guide you with locations on the map, set tasks and appointments, find out “am i free this Sunday” and handle almost all the functions which your phone is capable of executing. You will most certainly fall in love with her for her efficiency – just that your wife won’t mind !

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