Stress Simplified

Stress can be triggered by many things in life, and it can be helpful to know the source of our stress. Stress has been linked to coping with grief, depression, sleep problems, worry, among others. Learn how to recognize the signs of stress so you can manage it effectively, by visiting

The site states that your body is naturally equipped to deal with a certain amount of stress. But if stress increases and your reserves are low, stress can have a bigger impact. Building up your defenses is a “long-term” plan for reducing stress. It will also improve your overall health and give you more energy. has many useful sections to understand stress, the symptoms,  different types of stress and ways and means of how to deal with them. The complications that can arise out of extended stress handling are detailed. Support groups for stress and Clinical Trials are also covered (mainly US based). It also has links to podcasts ( audio broadcasts) on various topics of stress handling and how patients coped with the same. You may hear them online or download them for future access.

Stress is an ailment like any other, more so, in our fast-paced city lives. This site simplifies the understanding of stress and shows ways and means to overcome the same. Interesting if you are affected or pass it on to others whom you know, could benefit from the same !

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