Catch Free Stuff online

We all like free stuff. But how does one find free stuff online and having found something, how do we know it works well ? is the answer.

This simple website lists several softwares which are available free online. It makes it easy to compare the best free online solution for your exact need. For example, if you wish to share your desktop, would you use Skype or Teamviewer ? Which sites offer free music and are accessible easily ? How does one make voice calls free on the Internet ? How do I watch free TV online ? provides comparisons and allows you to choose the option which best fits your precise need.

CatchFree was founded in 2010 by a team that was tired of the challenges of trying to compare free alternative solutions on the details that really matter. Today CatchFree collects feedback from thousands of real users across a broad range of categories so you can easily compare and choose the best free solutions for your particular needs.

So the next time you need to manage projects, share files or manage your personal finances for free, just login to and you will find neat little charts comparing the top free apps available online.

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