As we enter the month of May, tempers and temperatures start rising and availability of power starts falling. We all want ACs but have no clue where the additional power is going to come from !  And the best way to have more power is to conserve it ! is a great resource to find ways of saving energy. The site provides information and tips for saving energy. It is an initiative of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) which is responsible for making the star rating of appliances across the country mandatory.

The energy labeling program is explained in detail. Did you know that if ALL ACs in India had a 5 star rating, the power saving would be equivalent to a month’s power supply in Mumbai ? or emergency services like hospitals will have uninterrupted power 24×7 all year round ? India Room Air conditioner Industry has approximately 38 brands of Air conditioners as of March 2010. Before the labeling program was introduced, the consumers could not easily get information on and understand the energy consumption details from the name plate information of Air conditioners. Now, since it has been made mandatory for ACs and Refrigerators (and a couple of other products too), it has become easy for the consumer to find the efficiency of the equipment he is buying.

There is an interesting section on Energy Calculation. You can choose your room size and matching airconditioners, the operating time and the city in which you live – and voila ! It tells you how much you will pay on electricity bills on account of airconditioning. If you choose a higher star rating for your ACs you can even see how much savings you will be able to achieve. Energy Saving FAQs and power savings guide are incorporated in different sections.

Energy saving is good not just for your pocket but also for your environment. So better start saving energy now, contribute to reduction of Global Warming and leave the earth a better place for our children !


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