When you wish to organize a meeting of 3 or more people, it is a challenge to check with each one about their available timings and trying to synchronise a meet. is a simple tool that helps you effortlessly find a time to meet. The design principle used in creating this service is simplicity. Meetings can be created in just three simple steps. There is no need to register for an account or provide any information not pertinent to the task. The unique calendar interface allows you to select meeting times in an intuitive and user-friendly manner and to see at a glance which times work best for your group.

You can setup a meeting in just 3 simple steps :

1 Define a meeting and select available times. The site gives you a link which you then send across to the prospective attendees.
2 Attendees indicate their availability by clicking on the link.
3 Find the best time to meet when the majority are available !

So go ahead – schedule that meeting, organize that event, book that trip, or set up that conference – all with the convenience of a few clicks and an easy to use and uncluttered interface.


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