Very often, we need to send large files to colleagues, friends or family. They may be image files or video files or just pdf files. Sometimes, it may be large medical reports which need to be sent to a doctor abroad for a second opinion. Most of the email clients cannot handle file sizes of more than 20-25 MB at a time – gmail has a limit of 25MB for attachments. comes to the rescue. This is a very simple but powerful utility which helps us send large files. You just need to logon, create an account – yes it is free – and send your file. As simple as that ! What it does, is that it uploads the files to a secure server, and sends the link of the uploaded file to the email recipient. The email recipient just has to click on the link, and she can download the file directly. So neither your email account nor the recipient’s email account is used, except for a brief line communicating the link.

It works pretty efficiently. The speed of the uploads and downloads depends on the total no. of files that you have transferred. The first time, it goes at full speed and then, as your traffic increases, the speed slows down. However, the counter is re-set every month for your account. So the first file which you send in any month is super fast and the speed keeps deteriorating as you send more and more files. Also, you can send only one file at a time. The other limitation is that the recipient can download the file that you have sent, only 3 times. And the file is held on their servers only for 3 days. But inspite of all these limitations, it works extremely well for most users without any problems.

If you go for a paid account, these limitations are eliminated. Besides, it offers encryption of the data also, just in case there are peeping toms around !  Check it out the next time you are stuck with a LARGE file to send or receive. is a great transporter of large files !


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