There was an Italian who was bragging about how he made his wife scream for a full 15 minutes the previous night. The Frenchman described in detail how he had made his wife scream continuously for 30 minutes. In comes a bawaji and says, “last night, I made my wife scream for several hours endlessly !” Amazed, they ask how. “Well, I just cleaned my dirty hands with the new curtains !”

For those bawa cleanliness freaks, is just the right dose of how to clean just about anything – indoors, outdoors, autos, pets, stains and much more. Neatly organized, the site gives detailed tips peppered with practical suggestions from lay users. There is even a special section where you could submit a tip for the world to emulate !

The section on Stain removing includes Carpets, Hard Surfaces, Clothes and Fabrics in addition to special hints and time savers. The home interiors section includes Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, Bedroom,Upholstery, Furniture and much more. The recreation section details how to clean motorcycles, toys, sporting goods, etc. How to clean Computer Keyboards, Mouse, Mobile Phones are also covered in very easy to understand, step by step guidelines.

The idea for the site started with a group of cleaning professionals getting together to exchange tips and techniques. It developed in what you see today. There are more than 1300 free cleaning tips on this site, and growing every day. With more than 20 million visitors since they started, they are rapidly growing to reach the next 20 million. The database also grows with the responses from forum of professionals who respond to visitor’s unique cleaning problems. To date they have answered thousands of individual questions.

Truly, is THE online authority for free cleaning related information. If you don’t want your wife to scream for the wrong reasons, this site is for you !


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