Out of Service

http://www.outofservice.com – a fairly unusual name for a website which administers Personality Tests !

Outofservice helps you discover yourself ! All the psychology personality tests are based on true psychology research, meaning that you will find out accurate information about yourself. Results are instant, free, and anonymous! You will find tests like Are you a Freak ?, Morality Tests, Personality Tests, Are you a Blurter or a Brooder, and some more ! There is an interactive link to Twins which lets any two people, regardless if you’re actually twins, compare your personality and behaviors on a number of criteria.

The feedback given to visitors is based on the average scores of tens of thousands of responses, taken from this same website. Your results are generalizations that show only how your responses compare to those of an average web surfer. Comparisons have been made between traditional and web-based methodologies, and while differences do exist, they are very minor. This means that your results are good representations of your personality, in general.

OutOfService.com, created by Jeff Potter, has run personality and self-awareness tests since 1997. The tests are derived from scientific psychological research and the feedback provided to participants is based on statistical analyses of large amounts of data, unlike many other “tests” on the web. Many of the tests have been developed in collaboration with several respected researchers and professors as parts of ongoing research. The site has been featured in everything from tabloids and underground zines to the New York Times, US News & World Report, CNN, the London Metro, the BBC, ABC News, Slashdot, and even the SciFi channel. In the first five years, the site has received many millions of unique visitors, and word continues to spread.

The first step to knowing people around us is to know oneself ! Here is your chance to go ahead and do that right away !

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