Share your location through WhatsApp

whatsappMany times, we need to send our current location to our friends / relatives. Doing so from other apps is not so convenient.

WhatsApp allows us to send our current location directly to the receiver in 3 easy steps – 1. Select the person or group to whom you wish to send your current location; 2. Select Attachment (the paper-clip shaped icon) on the top right of your screen 3. From the list of options shown, select Location, and send – that’s it. Your location will be immediately visible to the receiver(s) on their own phones on Google Maps.

This simple trick will save you lots of time and help you communicate your location speedily and efficiently!



How I Work – 201 – Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

captureWunderlist is one of the best To-Do-List Apps that helps you organize lists and tasks that you want or need to do. The free version supports basic functions like reminders, etc., while the Pro version is more for businesses. Whether it is a mundane task or reminder or a Project, Wunderlist helps you create lists and sync them on all your devices and share them with family and friends.

You can even have conversations within your groups on your lists. With Comments, you can have real-time updates in any of your To-Do Lists and keep everyone in the loop and all your important discussions in one place

Try it –  You will surely like it!

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