DoodleDoodle is a tool which helps you save time scheduling your day. It is a new-age tool which helps you schedule meetings effortlessly and accurately!

You can quickly schedule 1 on 1 meetings with outside parties, without guessing or asking about availability. You show your best times. Guests narrow it down. Date and time set – that’s it! You can even open up a time-block on your calendar and allow fixing of appointments on first-come first-serve basis.

For larger groups of 3+ people, you may invite anyone to take a Doodle poll and they can respond with their availability, no matter what calendar they use. This “universal” access lets all Doodle guests participate, no sign-in required.

You can schedule across multiple calendars, work with direct plugins for Google and Outlook Calendars and also avail of advanced integration with Doodle-API.

So, anytime more than two people are trying to arrange a meeting, Doodle is the essential first choice – especially when the meeting extends across time zones.

A simple and elegant tool for scheduling meetings on the go!

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