ChaloChalo is a free app that tracks buses live across more than 20 cities across India. If you take a bus often, Chalo is the app for you. It uses GPS devices in city buses and streams their location live on your mobile screen. You can see the exact location of your bus and know what time it will reach your stop with just one tap. Their proprietary algorithm processes millions of data points to calculate the arrival time of your bus. You just tap once and see the live arrival time of your bus and leave your home or workplace accordingly. You can also tell in advance how crowded your bus is, even before it reaches your stop, so that you can decide whether to take this one or the next one.

Chalo Super Saver plans help you save money on your bus travel. Each plan entitles you to a specific number of trips within its validity period for a much lower cost per trip. You can buy mobile tickets and passes right from the app. Just enter your destination and the app helps you find the cheapest and fastest routes to it!

If you do not have 3G/4G data, the app works offline too and helps you locate the schedule for your desired route.

The app is available in 9 languages including English. If you are a regular bus user, do try it out – you will never leave your home without it!

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