Tellows is a Caller ID and Call Blocker for Android. In addition to its caller ID and blocking features, you can also make use of reverse phone number search, caller rating, personal blocklist and much more!

With Tellows, you can identify unknown callers immediately (Live Caller ID) in real-time as the phone rings, the tellows app shows you information about the caller. This includes the tellows score as well as caller name and location. The tellows score is an average community rating for the phone number on a scale of 1-9, with 9 indicating a very dangerous caller. You can use the reverse phone number lookup feature to find information shared by the Tellows community about thousands of callers.

Free users can manually block numbers using the local scorelist feature. Premium users have access to the community blocklist and can therefore benefit from automatic call blocking. Plus, the call blocking feature even works offline!



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