IRIS Peridot – GSTIN Search

In all business transactions, you get an invoice from your supplier (or even restaurant) which includes his GST Identification No. If you need to verify the accuracy of the no., whether he is genuinely a GST registered enterprise, whether he has paid his GST dues and whether he has filed his GST returns upto date, use this Peridot app.

You can just point to the GST no. on the invoice or on his name board (or even enter the GST Id manually), and the app will give you all the details of the seller – You not only get the taxpayer details but also other information such as the filing status of the returns and places of businesses as registered with GST system. 

A snapshot view also highlights the eligibility of tax-payer to collect taxes and an option to report any non-compliance by tax-payer to the Govt. 

A very simple but effective app to ensure that you will get credit for your GST when you pay  it.

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