Google Lens

Google Lens relies on your smartphone’s camera to “see” what’s around you and give you contextual information for the same. Using the camera on your handset, Google Lens can scan a product, animal, text, clothes or something else in your environment. If you scan a visiting card, it will even allow you to add the contact directly into your phone directory. If you scan text in a language you don’t understand, Lens will translate it for you.  If you scan a book cover, Google Lens will identify the title and give you reviews sourced from the web. Google Lens is equally adept at pulling up information about music albums, movies and video games just by spotting their covers.

Visiting a new place? Just point it to the architecture and it will tell you more about the building. Browse through a museum and keep pointing Google Lens to a variety of artefacts and get to know more about them. Identify plants and animals, and even items on the menu! And if you see an outfit that catches your eye or a chair that’s perfect for your living room –  find similar clothes, furniture, and home decor—without having to describe what you’re looking for in a search box.

Explore what is around you in an entirely new way. Uniquely putting Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology to work, right in your own hands.

Android:       iOS: Use the Google App from the App store


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