Practo is the world’s leading healthcare app.  It connects you with everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones — find great doctors and book instant appointments, chat with them online, order medicines, book lab tests, get personalised health tips and store all your health records digitally so they are always with you.

Practo is one of the best ways to book doctor appointments and lab tests online. You can even consult with your doctor online and order medicines at a discount, instantly. For chronic ailments, you can subscribe periodically for your medicines and you will never run out of meds again. You can even upload your medical records online and have them readily available anywhere in the world.

Learn new ways to be healthier, search for thousands of free answers on health and use it innovatively for all your needs.

Doctors can subscribe to the Pro version and make themselves available to their patients online and make their practice modern, professional and powerful.

Android :                         iOS :


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