Memo Mailer

Many a times we need to remember stuff on the go. It’s a pain to start an app and type out a note or a reminder. Someone just wants to give you their telephone number and you need to record it immediately somewhere. Memo Mailer is the ultimate app which will sky-rocket your productivity instantly.

Just download the app and enter your email id. Then, when you want to take a memo, you just press and hold the record button, record your voice message, and leave it when finished. The app will automatically send the voice memo / file to your registered email id. That’s it! Very coool!!

What makes this digital audio recorder so unique is that as soon as you press the button to record your memo it is sent automatically to your Inbox. There is no need to type your email address every time you wish to send your audio voice memo. No need to go and find the sound file on your device – it just gets emailed straight to your Inbox. Now that is productive!  You can even send mails to your assistant in the paid version.

Now you will never forget anything that you need to catch, instantly!

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