GBoard – the smart keyboard from Google

captureGBoard, the smart keyboard from Google has been upgraded. Apart from the various stuff that all keyboards do, predictive text, swipe, multiple language support, etc., GBoard also allows you to Search Google and share, right from your keyboard!

For example, when you are typing a mail or text or Whatsapp on your phone, sometimes, you need to give directions and sometimes you need to give a link to a product or service, or even a website. Doing that from your phone can be pretty tedious – exit the message, go to the link and copy the link address and then get back to your original message and paste it. GBoard has a Google link on the top left of the keyboard – if you tap on that, you can search almost anything in Google (including Maps), go to the link and then with a single tap, include that link in your message!

Pretty neat and straightforward. Try it out, you will be saving lots of time and energy!!  Installing a keyboard is pretty simple on Android. Just go to the Play Store, install the keyboard and then open the settings area and choose Language and keyboard, and select the new keyboard of your choice.


Android :                    iPhone :



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