How I Work – 190 – Google Duo

If you are looking for video calling over the Internet, across multiple platforms, Google Duo is the latest for you! Extremely simple with minimalist options and interface, it is a refreshing addition to the calling experience.

For starters, both you and the called party need the app to be installed. The app is available on both Android and Apple platforms, so no worries on that count.  Once you identify and call a contact from your phone directory, the call receiver will see a preview of your video, even before she picks up the call – this is called the Knock Knock feature. This is akin to someone knocking at your door and you look through the peephole and check who is there, before opening the door! You have the option to disable this feature though.

The rest is simple – as soon as the called party accepts the call, you get the video call going. You just have 2 buttons on the screen – one to mute your mic and the other to swap your camera – that’s it! Your last few called contacts will appear on your calling screen for ease of redialling.

Try out Duo and update me with your comments and experience! Have a smooth one!!


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