How I Work – 189 – The Parsi Directory

The Parsi Directory is a unique app which incorporates more than 78,500 live registrations, making it the  Largest, Free, Worldwide Listing of Parsis, Iranis, Zoroastrians across the world. It also includes Institutions like Agiaries, Associations, Baugs for Wedding and Navjotes, Dharamshalas, Sanatoriums, etc., across the world.
Just follow this link ( to download it from the Play Store. Once you have installed the app and registered yourself, you will have the full power of connecting with any of the 78,500+ registered users based on name, location, profession or any combination of these. You will also have access to more than 750 Parsi Institutions from across the world.
Besides the above most valuable resources, the app also has news feeds from and other Zoroastrian News Blogs. Also,  you have the option to receive daily Notifications on Roj, Uthamna, Fire Temple Salgerehs, etc.

A truly utilitarian app crafted for the community. Download it NOW from the Play Store

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