How I Work – 176 – Water Drink Reminder

Do you drink enough water? Would you like to be reminded about drinking water from time to time? Do you need a water nanny through the day?

Water Drink Reminder is the solution you must have. Once you download and install the app, feed it your weight, it determines how much water you need during the day. It then reminds you to drink water through the day at frequent intervals to help you reach the quota determined for you! It’s that simple.

The reminder is in the form of a notification, accompanied by a pleasant, gurgling sound of flowing water.  And every time you take a glass of water, you enter it with a single click in the app, and it will add it to your intake for the day. It will then show you the balance required and once you finish your quota for the day, it will even congratulate you! Isn’t that kewl?

Now, never miss taking your daily intake of water, glass by glass and stay fit and healthy!!


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