How I Work – 175 – Blinkist for Book Lovers

Are you an avid reader? Would you like to read 4 books in a day? Now you can! Just download

Blinkist from the PlayStore and get the best non-fiction books, bite-sized, in text and audio format.

The guys at Blinkist read more than a 1000 books for you, condense them into quick summaries, and distill their key insights into powerful, actionable, 15-minute marvels. The summaries are delivered to you directly on your phone. You can stay updated on non-fiction books on business, management, career, self-help and more, daily.

A 3-day free trial gets you up and going and depending on your needs, you may subscribe to a plan which suits you best, with a choice of 100s of books in their library. However, if you do not wish to subscribe to a paid plan, you can continue on the free plan which gives you one pre-selected book per day.

Blinkist is a wise choice for book lovers – young and old – and helps you read books in the new, favoured format – quickly!


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