How I Work – 150 – (by Ookla) is one of the best, free, speed testing solutions for your computer and mobile phone. Very often, we are promised very high speeds by our service provider, when in actual fact, the speeds are not so great. A lay person, therefore, finds it very difficult to justify his claims of low speed. is a website which you can visit and test your Internet speed, for free. Just proceed to the website, and click on Begin Test. The site will quickly test your Internet Connection speed and give you the results online. It will identify the nearest server and then check all the parameters which need to be checked. You can share the results with your Internet Service Provider to update them on the actual speed you are getting. Please run the test multiple times, at different times of the day, to come to a reasonably accurate conclusion. also has an app which you can download on your Android Mobile phone to check the speed of the Mobile Data or your Wi-Fi, depending on how you are connected.
Now you know how to check your speed, without depending on any techie !

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